Routes to get the most out of the London Pass

The routes for the London Pass that we describe below have been designed to be able to take full advantage of the London Pass , the most famous tourist pass in London, since it is very important to plan very well the visits that we are going to make in one, two, three , or more days, in order to get the most out of it.

The London Pass is the London tourist pass that allows you to enter more than 80 London attractions for free and avoid queues . If you come to visit London and want to make the most of your trip, find out about this card, since the London Pass may be a good idea for you.

We have prepared these routes for London Pass with the idea of being able to make the most of this famous London tourist pass, and we have calculated what it would cost you to visit the attractions without the London Pass and what you can save by using the London Pass if you enter the attractions that we recommend.

The truth is that the more days you buy this card, the more profitable it is, since for each day it is only approximately 20 pounds more and that can be amortized quickly when visiting some attractions in London!

What will you find in this article?

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London Pass Routes: How to get the most out of the London Pass

Below you will find the routes we have designed to make the most of the London Pass. We have detailed each attraction and in parentheses we have put the price of the adult ticket if the ticket is purchased at the box office of each attraction. In this way you can see how we have calculated the final prices of the London Pass routes.

» London Pass One Day Route

The London Pass for a day for 2022 for an adult costs £75. I think it is very interesting to use the cruise that includes the London Pass, so I propose the following route, and visit the following attractions in the following order. It is very important to start the day early so that you have time to do everything. You can see these attractions as red dots on our map with routes for the London Pass, which you will find a little further down.

  • Westminster Abbey (£23.00): We start by visiting Westminster Abbey , one of the best-known places in London and a must-see on your trip to London. It is next to Big Ben, so it is a good way to start the first day of your trip in London. Estimated visit time: 1 – 2 hours. Westminster Abbey opens at 9am on Saturdays, 9.30am Monday to Friday.
  • Thames Cruise to the Tower of London (£18.75): Once you’ve entered Westminster Abbey, stroll over to Big Ben. On the bank of the Thames is the Westminster Pier, where you can board a boat for a sightseeing cruise on the Thames. It is an experience that I recommend to anyone who visits London without any doubt. The cruise departs every 40 minutes from Westminster Pier, practically next to Big Ben. Considering that it can take about two hours to see the abbey of westminster, and seeing the schedule of the boats, it will surely be good for you to take the boat at 10:40, 11:20 or 12:00 so that we have time to see the next attraction. We get off at the Tower of London stop, next to London’s iconic Tower Bridge, London’s famous Blue Bridge.
  • Tower of London (£27.50): Visit the Tower of London , one of the most important attractions in the British capital, a wonderful palace that tells the story of London. Please note that the Tower of London closes at 4.30pm in winter and 5.30pm in summer. Estimated visit time: approximately 2 hours.
  • Tower Bridge of London (Tower Bridge Experience) (£9.80): Discover Tower Bridge, the famous blue London bridge from the inside and walk along its glass walkway. Open until 5 or 5.30 pm (depending on the time of year). More information: Tower Bridge Experience .

With these four attractions, we have already amortized the one-day adult London Pass and we have also saved some money. From here, I would recommend eating something in the area of the Tower of London, perhaps in St Katharine’s Dock , one of our favorite secret corners of London, and we would still have time to visit something else without problems. I would recommend walking across the Tower Bridge in London, and visiting the impressive HMS Belfast and then going up to the 72nd floor of the tallest building in London, where you will get amazing views of the city:

  • HMS Belfast (£18.00): Impressive naval museum anchored in the Thames next to Tower Bridge, I recommend going to see it without any doubt! Open until 5 or 6 pm (depending on the time of year). More information: HMS Belfast .
  • The view from The Shard (£32.00): The tallest building in London, with a viewing deck on the 72nd floor. Open until 7pm Sunday to Wednesday, and until 10pm Thursday to Saturday. More information: The Shard .

In this way, in one day, we have saved more than £50 per person, which is not bad at all!

And if you have time, I would recommend visiting one of the following attractions since they are in this same area:

  • The Old Operating Theater (£6.50). A slightly different museum, located on London Bridge, next to The Shard building. This museum is open until 5 pm, so I recommend visiting it first if you are going to enter the Shard as well. Further information: Old Operating Theatre .
  • London Bridge Experience (£20.00). The London Bridge terror passage, to pass a little fear. Open until 5 or 6 pm (depending on the time of year).

» Two-Day London Pass Routes

The London Pass for two days for 2022 for an adult costs £99, £24 more than the London Pass for one day. For this reason, I recommend visiting the attractions that we include above in the One-Day London Pass Route on the first day, and to amortize it we propose visiting at least the following attractions on the second day (green dots on the map).

  • London Transport Museum (£17.50): The London Transport Museum, located in Covent Garden, tells us about the history of transport, and the evolution of the different methods of transport in the British capital. The display of old 2-decker buses is worth seeing!
  • St Paul’s Cathedral (£20.00): London’s famous St Paul’s Cathedral is a must see if you have the London Pass. From here you can walk across the Millennium Bridge and reach our next attraction.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe (£17.00): The replica on the south bank of the Thames of William Shakespeare’s famous globe theatre. An unforgettable experience.

In addition, if you have the London Pass for two days you can take the opportunity to see one of the following attractions if you have time:

  • Banqueting House (£6.50)
  • Guards Museum (£6.00)
  • Churchill War rooms (£19.00): World War II bunker and museum, highly recommended!!
  • Monument (£4.00)


Red dots: Day 1 | Green dots: Day 2 | Blue points: Other attractions to take into account in case you have time

» Three-Day London Pass Routes

The three-day London Pass for 2022 for an adult is £125, which is £26 more than the two-day London Pass, but remember we also have a code for 10% off the 3-day London Pass , so amortizing it is even easier.

To get the most out of the three-day London Pass I recommend visiting these attractions in the following order:

  • Day 1: We spent the day in the Greenwich area taking a cruise on the Thames.
    • Westminster Abbey (£23.00)
    • Thames Cruise (£18.75): We take the cruise from Westminster, but go all the way to Greenwich. So we can visit this beautiful area of London. More about Greenwich . In Greenwich we visit:
      • Cutty Sark (£12.15)
      • Greenwich Observatory (£7.70)
      • National Maritime Museum: Although admission is free, with the London Pass you can get a free guidebook.
    • Cruise back to Westminster (or get off at one of their other stops if you like)
  • Day 2: Tower of London area and London Bridge.
    • Tower of London (£27.50): We start with the Tower of London very early, preferably at 9 am, which is when it opens.
    • Tower Bridge Exhibition (£9.80): We cross the famous Tower Bridge and enter to discover the secrets of London’s famous Tower Bridge.
    • HMS Belfast (£17.00): Crossing the bridge we continue along the river bank and enter HMS Belfast.
    • Old Operating Theater (£6.50): We continue walking to the London Bridge area, and enter the oldest operating theater in Europe.
    • Afterwards, the safest thing is that you would only have time to visit one of these two attractions:
      • London Bridge Experience (£20.00): Passage of terror on London Bridge
      • Shakespeare´s Globe (£17.00): The replica on the south bank of the Thames of the famous theater of William Shakespeare, an unforgettable experience. Open until 5.30 pm.
    • View from the Shard (£33.00): Viewpoint on the 72nd floor of London’s tallest building, open until 7pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 10pm Thursday to Sunday.
  • Day 3:
    • Monument (£4.00): Next to St Paul’s Cathedral is the Monument to the Great Fire of London.
    • St Paul’s Cathedral (£22.00)
    • And then I would recommend choosing between one of the following options:
      • Go to the St James’s Park area (next to Buckingham Palace) and see:
        • Churchill war rooms (£18.00)
        • Royal Mews (£8.75)
        • Buckingham Palace Queen’s Gallery (£9.75)
        • Guards Museum (£6.00)
        • Household Cavalry Museum (7.00)
      • Or go to Covent Garden:
        • London Transport Museum (£17.00): The London Transport Museum, located in Covent Garden, tells us about the history of transport, and the evolution of the different methods of transport in the British capital. The display of old 2-decker buses is worth seeing! Until 5.15 p.m. More information: London Transport Museum .
        • Then head over to Candy Cakes cupcake shop , where you’ll get a free cup of tea or coffee on presentation of the London Pass.
        • Benjamin Franklin House (7.00): Benjamin Franklin’s house transformed into a museum.

Being able to save us with the 3-day London Pass easily more than 120 pounds if we make the most of it, depending on the route we choose.


Red dots: Day 1 | Green dots: Day 2 | Yellow dots: Day 3 | Purple dots: Day 3 option a | Garnet dots: Day 3 option b

» London Pass Routes for more days: How to take advantage of the London Pass for 6 or 10 days

When you buy the London Pass 6 or 10 days you have the possibility to enjoy more attractions in London and in a calmer way, since you are going to amortize the card without any problem. We have not designed routes for the London Pass for 6 or 10 days because I think it is possible to follow the routes for the London Pass for three days that we detailed above, and take advantage of the rest of the days to see more attractions in London.

The 6-day London Pass for 2022 for an adult costs £169, and considering that you will be able to see practically all the attractions that it includes, it is clear that you will easily save around 200 pounds. Also, don’t forget that we also have a code for a 10% discount on the 6-day London Pass, so redeeming it is even easier.

If this is your case, I would recommend you to visit all the attractions that we have mentioned above, since I consider them to be the most important attractions in London, but you also cannot miss the following London attractions:

  • Windsor Castle
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • kensington-palace
  • Regent’s Canal Cruise from Camden to Little Venice .
  • london zoo
  • Kew Gardens
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Charles Dickens Museum

But don’t forget that there are over 80 attractions that can be visited with the London Pass, including some of London’s football stadiums.

Special offers with the London Pass card

This card also allows you to obtain numerous offers in stores and restaurants, regardless of the number of days you have chosen, such as:

  • Showing your London Pass can get you £5 to spend in the “Crest of London” souvenir shops. There is a giant in Piccadilly Circus, and many in the main streets of London.
  • 15% discount at the M&M’s world store in Leicester Square.
  • When you spend £5 at the Beatles store (located in Baker Street) they give you a bag with goodies when you present your London pass at the checkout.
  • Discounts on theater tickets: tickets must be booked through the official London Pass website
  • A free cup of tea or coffee at Candy Cakes in Covent Garden (Ideal if you’ve visited the London Transport Museum in the same square)

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