Sarastro, a different restaurant to spend a fun night

Last night we had dinner at a restaurant that we found by chance one day on one of our walks through central London, and in its day we were very struck by the decoration. When I started to do some research, I realized that it was not only different because of the decoration, but there are days when they have shows, so obviously, we had to try it.

The first thing is that I recommend it for the decoration, crooked old lamps, pipes, open umbrellas, ballet shoes, dolls that are a bit scary and a multitude of curious objects hang from the ceiling and walls without any sense of order… It is of a Turkish restaurant located next to Covent Garden, and on the days and nights that there is a show there is a Set Menu(fixed menu) while when there is no show there is a menu. Last night for the menu we first had a varied selection of starters, which included hummus, cheese batter, mushroom batter, olives, bread, cous cous with tomato and vegetables, beans with vegetables and something else; second you have to choose a dish and we chose a dish that consisted of a kind of chicken stew with vegetables and basmati rice to accompany, and you also have a dessert to choose from, in our case the chocolate cake was the one that won… Also They have a good selection of wines. And the truth is that we liked everything a lot, we loved the second course, but the dessert could have been better in my opinion. But the best was the show, at 8. 30 pm we had dinner with a quartet playing classical music with violins and then an opera show. Those who are part of the show walk around the tables and a very lively atmosphere is created, with many people suddenly singing, lots of applause and lots of laughter.

And the price? In my opinion maybe a bit expensive, it came out to us for about 40 pounds per head including wine and dessert, but I have to say that I will repeat, and I will surely take some of my visitors without knowing where they are going or what to expect….

Oh… and one more small detail that I have to say, if you go, you should go into the bathroom and take a good look at what is painted on the walls, perhaps they are the most erotic bathrooms in all of London But don’t worry if you go as a family , that on the ground floor there are non-erotic bathrooms for children!

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