Secret Places In Paris

Visit Alternative Places In Paris

If you are one of those travelers who likes to discover the less touristy areas of the city, and discover the different secrets it hides, in Paris you will find a series of alternative places that are ideal for you. These alternative sites are perfect if you’re a repeat traveler to Paris and want to discover new things that aren’t in the guidebooks.

In this section of the page you will find different secret places in Paris that are outside the most typical tourist routes and that will allow you to take an authentic vision of the city. At the end of the article, you will find a map with all the sites marked so you can easily locate them.


Although it is located in one of the most prestigious districts of Paris, many people are unaware of the existence of this cafe. However, as soon as you find it you will want to stay and live in it; its charm and its atmosphere will allow you to enjoy a Paris that falls in love . You’ll find it at 15 Rue Lepic, in Montmartre. As a curiosity we tell you that Audrey Tautou, the protagonist of Amelie, worked there.


We have already told you that Paris is full of beautiful green areas; however, there is one that does not enjoy great popularity but that we consider beautiful. It is the Forest of Vincennes, in it, apart from being able to enjoy beautiful walks through natural trails, you will discover a beautiful lake where you can take a boat ride. Don’t miss this secret corner of Paris!


La Petite Ceinture is an abandoned train line that once circled Paris. The train route fell into disuse in 1934 and can now be visited in four districts of the city. You will find the tickets to access the routes at:

  • 16th arrondissement, between Gare de la Muette and Porte d’Auteuil
  • 12th arrondissement, access from 21 Rue de Rottembourg
  • District 15, height of 99 Rue de Olivier de Serres
  • 13th arrondissement, access from 60 Rue Damasme


It is not that it is not known, but the truth is that literature is not exactly the most popular or attractive, except for those of us who love books. If you are in this group you cannot miss a visit to this charming bookstore where some mythical characters from the literature of the 1920s used to meet. You will find it at number 37 Rue de la Bûcherie.


This is another walk that we recommend you not to miss in Paris. Visiting the Place des Vosges will allow you to discover the oldest square in Paris in one of the most charming neighborhoods. You will find it in the center of Le Marais.


Paris also has its zero point, but in this case instead of being located on one side and the other of a line parallel to the ground, this vertex is vertical. You can find it right in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, where you can see a bronze star embedded in the ground.


If you are passionate about books, this is another corner of Paris ideal for you. Discover the home where the French writer wrote “Les Miserables” on the Place des Vosges. You will enjoy a tour through a large residence where some of Hugo’s literary jewels are exhibited; In addition, many of his personal objects are on view to fully appreciate what the writer has left us.


François Arago was an astronomer who worked on a global meridian line that ran through Paris. In the International Meridian Conference of 1884, the Greenwich meridian was chosen as the only and acceptable one and the Paris meridian was forgotten. The artist Jan Dibbets created 135 bronze medallions that were placed in the streets of Paris simulating the Arago meridian, so that he can be remembered.


This is another lovely cafe in Paris. You can enjoy an unforgettable afternoon next to the Canal Saint Martin. What we must tell you is that over the years it has become somewhat popular, so although we include it among the secret sites of Paris, it is still not so secret anymore, but it is worth knowing.


Located on New York Avenue is the Flame of Liberty. This flame is a replica of the one on the Statue of Liberty in New York. This monument was offered to the French people for France’s friendship with the United States and recalls France’s gift to the United States: The Statue of Liberty.


Here’s another green recommendation. A visit to some secret corner of Paris must include the Parc Monceau. It is a little known place but with a lot to offer. It is an elegant green site where you can enjoy quiet and satisfying walks.


It is not among the most important in Paris, however, this market is one of the most fascinating places in the city of lights. Here you can buy the best food and experience the exchange between residents and merchants in an authentic way. Don’t miss it at number 85 Boulevard de Magenta.


Like a small picturesque town in the middle of the city, Crémieux Street in Paris is a very special little corner of color where you can get lost and take some pictures.


Although Pretty Box is not on the list of places to buy clothes in Paris, it is an interesting place to buy fashionable clothes. Here you can find the best clothes of the moment at a good price and discover exclusive models.

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