Sherlock Holmes Museum: Visiting 221b Baker Street

The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London is a magnificent museum dedicated to the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and is definitely a place you must visit if you are a fan of the fantastic novels by the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or if you would simply like to visit a typical London house in The time. The museum is in a Georgian house at 221b Baker Street. This address is surely one of the most famous in the world, and according to the novels, this was the place of residence of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson between the years 1881 and 1094.

Sherlock Holmes Museum in London: What to see

Upon arrival, we find the store, where all the souvenirs that you can imagine related to Sherlock Holmes and related items are located. This is where we can buy tickets to visit the museum, which is entered through the door next to the shop, marked with the number 221b. The museum consists of three floors, when we enter directly we go up the stairs to find a fantastic house decorated inside just as the books described, taking a step back in time. The rooms are in the conditions described in the books with all the details, as well as furniture and decorative objects of the time. Here we can enter the bedrooms of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, an office and Mrs Hudson’s bedroom. These rooms have been recreated with all the details for fans of the famous detective, and in them we can find objects related to the investigations of some of the most famous cases and with some objects that could not be missing, such as the pipe, the magnifying glass and the violin. 221b Baker Street did not actually exist, and the Sherlock Holmes society in England had to ask the City of Westminster for permission to change the house number to 221b. Currently, the museum located at number 221b is between numbers 237 and 241.

Hours and prices of the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

  • Hours: Open every day of the year, except December 25, from 9.30 am to 6 pm.
  • Ticket price: Adults £10 and children £8.
  • Address: 221 Baker Street.
  • Nearest tube station: Baker Street
  • Official website: Sherlock Holmes

What to see near the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

Less than 10 minutes walk from the Sherlock Holmes museum we find the famous London Wax Museum Madame Tussauds , so it is a good option to visit the London Wax Museum on the same day as the Sherlock Holmes Museum if you want to enter the two. And just down Baker Street is Regent’s Park, one of London’s most beautiful parks.

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