Spanish restaurants in London

Today there are more than 30 Spanish restaurants in London (of quality) that are taking charge of making traditional Spanish gastronomy known, even more so, in the British capital.

If one day you are walking around any corner of London and you feel a certain nostalgia thinking about the recipes that your mother used to make or you miss those ham croquettes that you usually have with your friends when you go out for a beer in your city, or you feel like a real Madrilenian stew on a cold day… don’t worry, chances are that less than 10 minutes away you will find one of the Spanish restaurants in London where you will feel at home and sit at the table to enjoy some of the treasures of the city. Spanish gastronomy without leaving London.

Neighborhoods as typical in London as Soho, Kensington, Covent Garden … can already boast of having some of the best Spanish restaurants in London and having as neighbors some Spanish Chefs who have received numerous awards and recognitions from the gastronomic world and also more than one star. Michelin.

Obviously there are many more restaurants in London that are called Spanish or “Tapas bar”, but the truth is that after having tried some of them, in our opinion, they still have to improve many aspects if they want to represent Spanish cuisine.

Here we leave you a selection of some of the best Spanish restaurants in London, which belong to groups such as: Brindisa, Spain, Ibérica, Boquería and Cambio de Tercio.

What will you find in this article?

Spanish restaurants in London Recommended


Located in the City of London, this restaurant is usually full of workers from the area and can boast of offering authentic quality Spanish food. We recommend making reservations as it is usually full and does not open on weekends.

StreetXO London

Of course, we did not want to forget to mention the incredible project (of madness and haute cuisine) by David Muñoz. It’s at 15 Old Burlington St, London.

Brindisa Tapas Kitchen

The Spanish chain Brindisa offers us a store of Spanish products in Brixton and another in Borough Market , in addition to its restaurants called Brindisa Tapas Kitchen with several locations in London: Piccadilly, Soho, London Bridge, South Kensington, and Shoreditch.


With 4 restaurants in London this chain of Spanish restaurants is also worth a visit. You can order a paella, eat some traditional ham croquettes or order the typical spoon dish that goes so well during the winter… In Canary Wharf , in addition to the restaurant, we find “La Terraza”, a perfect terrace to have some tapas and a beer.

The Pirate of Mayfair

Although it takes less time in London than other Spanish bars and restaurants, it is a good option if you are in the Green Park or Park Lane area. They have authentic tapas and menu of the day.


Brixton and Battersea.


Its three restaurants are located in the areas of Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

Bar Tozino

Located in Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey, ham sandwiches and an ideal menu to return to Spain for a few seconds.

London Galician Center

One of the most famous among the Spanish who live in London, authentic food and very well priced.

change of third

With several restaurants, sherry bar and gin and tonic bar.

Fernandez & Wells

Its menu is more like tapas and sandwiches, so it is the ideal place for a good ham or chorizo sandwich, although we also recommend it for a good coffee and something sweet. With several stores in Soho and other areas such as Kensington and Mayfair.

Personal recommendations

Depending on the plan you have, we can recommend different options, for example, if you want to go for some tapas with some beers informally with your friends, we recommend you go to Brindisa or Tozino since they usually prepare smaller portions, very good and very well priced and can be a good option to “try a little of everything”.

If what you are looking for is something more formal and you want to savor some of the best dishes of Spanish cuisine prepared by chefs such as Marcos Morán (Casa Gerardo, 1 Michelin Star) or chefs who have worked in the kitchens of El Bulli, then our Our recommendation is to reserve your table at “Spain”, in the City of London, where you can enjoy incredible Asturian dishes. Remember that Spain is only open from Monday to Friday (yes, a shame).

One of the latest additions to the Spanish gastronomic scene in London has been the “Boquería” restaurant, where you can enjoy a good menu, with reasonable prices and a very attentive and pleasant staff, which makes it a very good option. to enjoy some Spanish dishes “Made in London”.

If you try any of the restaurants that we have mentioned, or others, and want to leave your opinion or share your recommendations, we will be happy to add them! Leave your comment below. Take advantage!

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