Stage from Abadin to Vilalba

Information about stage 29: Stage from Abadin to Vilalba

It take 6 to 8 hours if you walk it in one day


We enter Terra Chá , a region of Lugo that, as its Galician name indicates, is characterized by a flat layout full of pastures. Abadín is abandoned next to the post office and we continue along a track, quite wide, until we take a path on the right that goes into the oaks and crosses a wooden bridge. Since 2017, 600 meters after the bridge that crosses the highway, next to the path that advances to the banks of the Castromaior river , there is a new hostel called O Xistral that is already reflected in the list of hostels for the stage. Further on, a slight slope brings us back to a paved track with long straight lines that we will alternate with a more shady path until we reach Martiñán ., where we will cross the N-634. Further on we pass through its Pontevella , the first of the characteristic bridges of Terra Chá. It saves the Batán river thanks to two large unequal arches and another smaller one that serves to relieve the channel in times of high rainfall. A picnic area with appetizing shadows next to the river invites, at least, to take a break. The route (it is appreciated not to go by the national) goes braiding long lines parallel to the 634 by roads with good ground and paved tracks. We will arrive again at the national road in Goiriz , next to the church of Santiago and its characteristic cemetery. After 100 meters along the road, a path appears on the right hand side and in less than an hour we will be enjoying the Vilalba hostel , located in the entrance area to the town.


  • There is no major difficulty. The route is flat and you only have to cross the N-634 twice. One in Martiñán and another in Goiriz.


The hostels begin to proliferate and to the new private hostels in Abadín we must add another in the interval of the stage: the O Xistral hostel, located in Castromaior. In Vilalba there are already two private hostels, plus the one of the Xunta de Galicia which is located at the entrance of Vilalba, just over a kilometer from the center of the town. Next to the hostel there is a bar that serves lunch and dinner. Also, it opens early and you can have breakfast the next day.There are intermediate catering services in Martiñan and Goiriz.Halfway through the stage we will cross the beautiful medieval bridge of A Ponte Vella. Place where the royal road from Mondoñedo to Vilalba passed.

What to see, what to do

  • Important urban nucleus of Terra Chá, the well-known Galician peneplain. The most emblematic monument of Vilalba is the:
    • Torre de los Andrade

      It was rebuilt in the 15th century and the homage tower is preserved, with an octagonal floor plan and made of slate masonry with a projecting battlement.

    • The Museum of Archeology and Prehistory

      is also worth a visit : It contains samples of material culture from the Neolithic, the Megalithic, remains from the Bronze Age and the castro period and the arrival of the Romans in Galicia.

    • The Church of Santa María

      Inside it keeps beautiful carvings, such as that of the Christ of the Holy Burial. It is located in a square full of typical balconies and together with these it forms an outstanding ensemble.

    • To taste, the San Simón cheese , made with cow’s milk, ivory in color and in the shape of a drop , is characteristic of Vilalba . Capons are also famous. On December 21, a fair takes place where these birds are exhibited, raised with care to taste them at Christmas Eve dinner.

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