Stage from Arzua to Pedrouzo

Information about stage 30: Stage from Arzua to Pedrouzo

Information about stage 30: Stage from Arzua to Pedrouzo

04H 30′


  • Km 0. Arzúa (All Services)

From Rúa Cima do Lugar, where the public shelter is located, we head straight towards the cobbled Rúa do Carmen. Its arcades and wood-clad facades bid farewell to our visit to Arzúa. For a more rural environment we go down to the source of the Franceses, we cross the river Vello and we arrive straight away at As Barrosas and its chapel of San Lázaro (Landmark 36 and Km 0.9) . We go down to the Brandeso river, a tributary of the Iso (Km 1.8) , and go up to Preguntoño , a village in the Burres parish with its 18th century hermitage of San Paio .

  • km 2.2. wondering

At the exit we avoid the N-547 through a tunnel and we face a slope, between meadows, corn crops and with views towards Arzúa, up to the place of A Peroxa , also in the parish of Burres (Km 3.3) . Eucalyptus trees populate, more and more, the Galician landscape and meadows, necessary for the survival of livestock and the rural world. They follow one after the other with their family laundry drying in the sun. We travel along tracks covered with leaves and go down to the Ladrón stream (Km 3.9) to later reach Taberna Vella

  • km 5.2. Taberna Vella (Hostel-Bar-Shop)

Six hundred meters later we enter Calzada , in the parish of Burres and the last inhabited nucleus of the Council of Arzúa.

  • km 5.8. Causeway (Bar)

We leave the town crossing a link road and continue to enter the Concello de O Pino , the last one before Santiago. Before entering A Calle , in the village of San Breixo de Ferreiros, the hostel A Ponte de Ferreiros is located 200 meters from the Camino .

  • km 7.8. Street (Bars. Hostel)

We leave the nucleus after crossing the Langüello stream and continue along a network of tracks and paths to Boavista (Km 9.3) and Salceda , at the foot of the N-547.

  • km 11.1. Salceda (Hostels. Bar. Pharmacy 600 meters away)

We distance ourselves a few meters from the national road on the right, passing next to the memory of the pilgrim Guillermo Watt , who died on the Camino. We return further up to the foot of the road and cross it next to an agricultural machinery dealer to reach Oxén , a place in the parish of San Miguel de Cerceda (Km 12.5) . The path, to the left of the National, now leads to the immediate Ras , in the same parish, where we cross the N-547 below (Km 13.1) . Pilgrims coming from the Camino del Norte who have taken the O Pino variant can also connect at this point. On the other side is A Brea .

  • km 13.6. A Brea (Hostel)

In a few hundred meters it comes out to the A Rabiña pass and parallel to the Nacional we easily overcome the climb to O Empalme , in the parish of San Lourenzo de Pastor. In the middle of the route there is a picnic area with a fountain and a windmill reminiscent of American farms. At the top we cross the road, be very careful! , to enter the population.

  • km 15.3. Or Splice (Bars)

Then we take a track that descends under the eucalyptus trees. Further down, through a tunnel under the N-547, we have the option of visiting the hermitage of Santa Irene and its baroque fountain or going to the private hostel . Next to this hostel is the detour to the Astrar rural hostel . If we continue straight ahead we arrive at the Xunta hostel .

  • km 16.3. Santa Irene (Hostels)

Thanks to a dense eucalyptus frond, we isolate ourselves from the noise of the road, we pass next to Milestone 20, and we avoid the road again through a tunnel. A couple of houses and a sawmill and more eucalyptus trees lead to A Rúa in the parish of Arca.

  • km 17.9. A Rúa (Bars. Pensions. Rural Houses)

By paved track we reach the edge of the N-547 and we go up next to it to O Pedrouzo .

  • km 19.1. O Pedrouzo (All Services)


  • Procedure stage: This journey can be considered a procedure to await arrival in Santiago. The company of the N-547 is the least pleasant.


  • For those who want to get to Santiago in one go, they should know that from Arzúa there are almost 40 kilometers. It is not a recommended alternative and it is more logical to divide the section in two, although there are travelers who advance about 35 kilometers to Monte do Gozo and leave a triumphant walk of only 5 kilometers for the last day. Those who choose to spend the night in Santa Irene should know that there are hardly any services. In the shelters of Santa Irene they have the Taxi telephones, a service widely used to go to dinner in O Pedrouzo, O Empalme or A Rúa.
  • At the entrance to O Pedrouzo we will cross the N-547, if our intention is to sleep in Pedrouzo at the crossroads we must take the national road to the left and thus enter the town. For those who want to continue the path, you have to cross the road and continue straight ahead.
  • The stage can be extended by about ten kilometers to Lavacolla, or five more to Monte do Gozo and thus leave a triumphal walk for the next day to Santiago and arrive without haste to the Pilgrim mass at 12:00.

What to see, what to do

  • COUNCIL OF O PINO: Penultimate Galician municipality on the French Way made up of thirteen parishes and about 180 places. The itinerary visits, both in this stage and in the last, population centers belonging to the parishes of Arca, Cerceda, Ferreiros, Pastor and Pereira. The most unique enclave is Santa Irene , with its hermitage dedicated to the holy Portuguese martyr and a Baroque fountain of curative waters. The chapel was built thanks to the contribution of two noblemen who lived in the nearby village of Dos Casas. In Or Junction-the previous population- you can glimpse the horizon and imagine the Galician coasts. O Pedrouzo, a service town at the foot of the N-547, offers pilgrims everything they need. Hostels, pensions, ATM, restaurants, pharmacy, health center, etc.

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