Stage from Luarca to La Caridad

Information about stage 25: Stage from Luarca to La Caridad

It take 7 to 9 hours if you walk it in one day


Notice: The Piñera pilgrim hostel is available again. Luarca. The smell of saltpeter, a few dozen boats about to set sail for the fishing grounds and a continuous movement of nets, pots and other fishing tools. After this singular scenario, our twenty-fifth day starts from the small Plazuela del Puente Viejo , where the Negro River is crossed to enter Crucero street , and go up La Peña street . To get to Otur , the first town of a certain entity, we will leave behind several parishes of somewhat scattered settlements in the council of Valdés . The small hamlet of Hervedosas , literally four houses, is the last before entering the Council of Navia. Its first parish, Bao , is accessed or, better, it was accessed after a walk between eucalyptus trees and some bumpy asphalt. We will turn left towards Casa Carmina, where there is a fountain available to pilgrims, and we will enter Villapedre . Before reaching Piñera , the next town, you have to cross the N-634, open an iron gate and cross a stream over a wooden bridge. Piñera has a hostel for pilgrims. We will advance in the direction of the Camino towards Villaoril, La Colorada and Navia, capital of the council of the same name, which we access by the old Camino Real. You leave this town by the bridge over the estuary, where the Navia River, Galician by birth, flows into the sea. We will not enter El Espín , already in the Coaña council , to turn left, cross the road and go up to the left next to an Indian house named Costa Rica. Now, and for two days to Ribadeo , it will be common to see the cross of Santiago along the Camino, built by the artist from El Franco, Jesús Trabadelo. The Order of Santiago was founded in the 12th century to defend the pilgrims who went to the tomb of the Apostle Santiago. We will go towards Jarrio and once there we will pass under a gallery forest, and now along local tracks parallel to the A-8 and the N-634 and along the shoulder of the latter we will reach Cartavio and then La Caridad .


Long stage, but without major complications.Caution the times you have to cross the national highway, which are a few.


Important notice : When the municipal shelter of La Caridad is full, they enable the one in Arboces, located 1.6 kilometers before La Caridad. In addition, in 2017 the offer in La Caridad was expanded with the opening of a private hostel.There is the possibility of walking along the Naviega Coastal Path from the Bao river to Navia, this path would lengthen the stage by 10 kilometers, which would make sense if our stage end was Navia. For more information

What to see, what to do

  • La Caridad holds the capital of the council of El Franco . This council depended on the town of Castropol until the 16th century, which in turn continued under the lordship of the bishops of Oviedo. The legend that appears on the municipality’s coat of arms: “Franco by the king, free by his law” is the result of the franchise that the Royal Seat granted them to be free and govern themselves. During the first half of the 19th century, the existence of an itinerant town council was recorded, which met in many places in the council until July 31, 1852, when the transfer of the capital to La Caridad was agreed.

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