Stage from Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzua

Information about stage 32: Stage from Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzua

It take 6 to 8 hours if you walk it in one day


The route leaves Sobrado along the road that goes to Arzúa and leaves it on the left at the turnoff for Pousada, Nogueira and Toques . The first bars take us first to the village of Vilarchao , belonging to the parish of San Pedro de Porta, and later a forest track to O Peruxil and O Castro , small towns in the parish of San Lourenzo de Carelle , whose church is a side of the Way (Km 4.3). Purging the last forests of the Camino del Norte we cross more nuclei of Carelle, such as Casanova and Madelos. Finally we come to the always tedious asphalt of the AC-234. We progress along it to Corredoiras , the first population of the Boimorto Council and equipped with a bar and shop (Km 8.8). Immediately after passing through Corredoiras, we carefully cross the AC-840 and continue to the parish of Boimil , with a hostel for pilgrims from the Xunta inaugurated in the summer of 2012 . We return to the road towards Boimorto (Km 11). We cross this town with all the services and at the height of the Health Center we turn left onto the road that goes to Sendelle and Arzúa. From the same Health Center there is also the possibility of taking what is known as the Lavacolla variant, (see observations section). If we go towards Arzúa we continue along a road for three kilometers to the nucleus and parish of Santa María de Sendelle . (Km 14). We leave by stepping on the road and further on we take the crossroads on the left that goes to Vilar. We stuff ourselves with asphalt passing through some villages belonging to the Sendelle parish, including O Vilar itself and As Galiñeiras. We then join the provincial road at the height of the Viladavil parish , a nucleus already subject to Arzúa, and at this point we leave the asphalt and continue along a concentration track that runs parallel to the aforementioned road. After passing several places in the City Council, we arrive at O Viso and then we enter Arzúa, capital of the Council of the same name, kingdom of the French Way, of the summer massification and provided with seven pilgrim hostels. Something unusual on the Camino del Norte, which is coming to an end and that tonight we will surely miss (Km 21.5).And here ends the Northern Way, thank you, pilgrim, for having carried us in your backpack and for having been part of your pilgrimage. Good way.


  • The only difficulty is that we come across the Camino Frances and here it is no longer so easy to have a place to sleep. In summer it is advisable to book in advance at one of the private hostels.


Variant towards Lavacolla

If we want to connect with the French Way, doing an extra day and shortening about 10 kilometers, we have an alternative. In the Boimorto health center, instead of taking the detour to Sendelle and Arzúa , we will continue along the CP-0603 road and we will not turn off it until we reach an important crossroads, after ten kilometers, where the Pontecarreira and Arzúa mark. Just before this junction is the Twin Pines B&B accommodation, telephone 635 95 90 47, it works as a private hostel and it is recommended to spend the night in it unless you want to do a kilometer to Lavacolla or to Santiago itself. Once at the crossroads, a section begins that mixes forest tracks with asphalt in areas without much traffic that takes us to the chapel of San Andrés and once there go parallel to the N-634 on dirt tracks to the town of Santiso. where it connects with the Camino Frances at the roundabout that gives access to the airport.

What to see, what to do

  • Arzua

    In the old part of Arzúa is the old convent of La Magdalena, an Augustinian foundation from the 14th century that maintained a hostel for poor pilgrims and which today is in ruins. Nearby stands the modern parish church of Santiago, which has two images of the Apostle, one as a Pilgrim and the other as Matamoros. Arzúa is a modern town of almost six thousand inhabitants, very well provided with services for pilgrims.

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