Visit Stonehenge from London

Visiting Stonehenge from London is one of the most typical excursions, since who has not heard or seen photos of this monument?

Stonehenge is the most famous megalithic archaeological monument in the world, and is over 5,000 years old.

What will you find in this article?

Visit Stonehenge: What to see

The Stonehenge monument is in the middle of a meadow, although I have to say that a road passes by, which makes it less charming…

Once you arrive you can enter the site, and I recommend using the free audio guide that they offer in all languages to be able to listen to the history and theories about this monument.

Admission for an adult is £15.50. They say that it is more beautiful and magical if you visit when it is getting dark.

Visit Stonehenge from London: How to get there

Stonehenge is located about 150 km from London, so it is possible to take between an hour and a half and two hours if you leave from central London. There are several options to go to Stonehenge, but considering how difficult it is to get there by public transport and how far away it is, I really recommend making the most of the day and combining a visit to Stonehenge with a visit to another nearby city, such as Bath , which is one of the most beautiful cities in England.

Getting to Stonehenge from London by public transport

Getting to Stonehenge from London by public transport is not entirely easy as there is no direct bus. The nearest town is Amesbury, which is about 3 km from the monument, so one option is to take a National Express bus from London Victoria to Amesbury, and from here a local bus or taxi to the monument.

Organized excursions

Several companies organize excursions to nearby cities and on the way there or back they pass through Stonehenge. I think this option is better to see Stonehenge than going just to see it, as it doesn’t take long to see, and considering how long it takes to get there and back I think seeing another city on the same day is the best way to do it .

There are several options, among which are:

  1. Day trip to Bath, Stonehenge and the West Country: In my opinion, the best option and very well priced.
  2. Excursion to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath: In my opinion, I think that seeing all three things on the same day is too much, but it is a possibility.
  3. Excursion only to Stonehenge: Considering the price of this excursion, I prefer the first option!.

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