Markets And Flea Markets In Paris

Markets and flea markets in Paris

In Paris you can find numerous markets; some in the open air and others sheltered by a roof or infrastructure. In general, the markets of Paris are located in accessible and well-planned places, with pedestrian areas and an interesting size, which makes them perfect places to walk and enjoy a pleasant day of shopping.

In the markets and flea markets of Paris you can find antiques, food and clothing among many other items such as souvenirs or items for the home . Going shopping at a market is a different experience and, most of the time, you will find unique and different items that cannot be found in a conventional store.

If you are a traveler who is passionate about visiting the places most frequented by the locals and learning about their customs, visiting a market may be an option that can satisfy your most curious side. Going shopping in Paris is not only focused on boutiques and fashion from well-known firms, but a day of shopping can also be very productive in a market, everything will depend on your tastes and aspirations in a trip. If you like to visit the markets of the cities where you go on vacation, in this section you will find the most important markets in Paris .

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The Best Markets To Visit In Paris

Marché Aux Puces (Flea Market)

This flea market is one of the largest and best known in Paris . If you have traveled to the city of light to bring back some antique, in this market you may find what you are looking for. The “Les Puces” market is considered one of the most interesting markets where you can find everything from antique dealers, restorers, artisans and artists to merchants of all kinds. In this market you can also buy clothes and objects of various values , including curious objects that will catch your attention when you see them. Located in the Saint Ouen neighborhood, visiting this Paris flea market can be a good day trip.

Marché Biologique Raspail

This Paris market has become very popular by being mentioned by famous artists, this has meant that in recent years the market has become somewhat elitist and expensive. Although prices have risen, the products sold are good quality organic foods , so their price is usually already high. If you are an enthusiast of organic food, and looking for quality food, you can visit this market on Sunday mornings on Boulevard Raspail .

Marché Saxe-Breteuil

Located in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower , this flea market is known for its central location . In this Paris market you can find all kinds of groceries such as a wide variety of cheeses, pastas, fruits and vegetables. Some stalls also offer clothing and household items . You can find this market on Thursday and Saturday mornings .

Marché Les Enfants Rouges

This covered market is one of the oldest in the city; one of the hidden corners of Paris that you cannot miss. The market is not very touristy and houses different food stalls where, for less than €20, you can eat with a drink included. Visiting this market in Paris is a place where you can find typical food without spending a lot of money . You can find it at Rue de Bretagne 39 .

Marché Aux Fleurs

The flower market is one of the typical scenes of a romantic movie where the lover buys some flowers at a stall before their date. This market dedicated to botany takes place between Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle, in pavilions dating back to 1900.

Marche Bastille

Near Place de la Bastille , the Marché Bastille is one of the largest flea markets in Paris . In this market you can buy all kinds of products , from cheese and fruit, to handicrafts and clothing. You can find this market on Boulevard Richard Lenoir on Thursday and Sunday mornings .

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