The best British restaurants in London

Eating in a British restaurant while you are in London is something that I encourage you to do one day, since British gastronomy, although it is not very well known, I think it would surprise more than one person.

One of the things that people tell us the most when we go to Spain is: but the food is terrible there, right? I have to say that we have discovered restaurants, typical British girls and traditional English dishes that we love, and the truth is that I encourage you to try some of them.

What will you find in this article?

British restaurants in London

I have previously told you about the possibility of eating in an authentic English pub and I told you about the menu and typical dishes so that you know what you can eat in a pub. In addition to pubs, we can eat in gastropubs, which are restaurants inspired by typical British pubs but are characterized by offering high-quality English cuisine.

Below we name some of the gastropubs that we like the most and that we would personally recommend. If what you want is to try authentic British food and not necessarily in a pub, I also leave you a list of several British restaurants in London.

Recommended British restaurants in London


We have to say that it is one of our favorite restaurants. If family from Spain comes to visit us, this would be one of the restaurants that we would choose. It is a chain of restaurants, but we particularly like the one located in London’s Soho, because of its decoration.

At Bill’s you will find everything from hamburgers to traditional fish and chips , with dishes for all tastes. They also have a children’s menu, in case you are thinking of visiting London with children .

Here you can see our article we wrote about Bill’s: Bill’s in London .

Maggie Jones

This British restaurant is located in the Kensington area. You will find a menu of British cuisine but in which you can appreciate the French influence. I would recommend going on a Sunday, to eat a typical British roast (the Sunday roast) and a traditional dessert, such as apple tart or bread and butter pudding. In addition to the menu, they usually have a daily menu at a more affordable price.

The Breakfast Club

This chain of restaurants is the ideal place to go for breakfast, either to eat pancakes with fruit or a fuel English breakfast. But, in addition to breakfasts, they offer brunch and breakfasts throughout the day, in addition to their pancakes. So whether you’re hungry for something salty or fancy something sweet, this is the perfect place.

Bread Street Kitchen

This is one of the restaurants of Gordon Ramsey, the famous British chef. There are several of these restaurants in central London, but we should still highlight the one next to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has a very informal atmosphere, and on the menu you will find a bit of everything, but its star dish is Beef Wellington.

The Princess of Shoreditch

British gastropub that has won several awards located close to Old Street. Definitely one of the British restaurants we would recommend trying, especially for the Sunday Roast.

Harwood Arms

Gastropub located in Fulham, with an impressive British menu worth trying. Game meat is the protagonist on its menu.


Uniquely British dishes, the feet (meat or fish pies) and dishes such as the famous pork belly and desserts such as the apple pie stand out.


Located in Spitalfields, it stands out for the quality of its meat and its famous Sunday Roasts.


A small chain of well-known British restaurants in London, highlights the restaurant that is located in Covent Garden. Definitely the ideal place to try a good fish and chips or pies (meat pies).


If you want to eat meat, then Gillray’s is without a doubt one of the best British restaurants you can choose from in London. It is located in the Southbank area, on the promenade that is located on the south bank of the Thames. A point in its favor is also the views it offers, making it an unforgettable experience.

Here you can order a meat dish at 90 pounds, but it is also possible to order a hamburger for example. And for those who don’t want meat, they offer a traditional fish and chips, or fish of the day. For dessert, in my opinion the sticky toffee pudding stands out – a British dessert that I recommend if you like sweet things!

Butler’s Wharf Chop House and Paternoster Chop House

Both of these restaurants base their menu on roast beef, but also include dishes like Beef Wellington. The one located on Butler’s Wharf offers spectacular views of Tower Bridge. The one in Paternoster Square is located next to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

In both restaurants, the Sunday Roasts (Sunday roast) are delicious.


Rules Restaurant was created by Thomas Rule in 1798, making this restaurant the oldest restaurant in London. Inside, the decoration is spectacular, taking you back in time but in a very careful environment. They serve traditional British food, specializing in classic game cuisine, oysters, pies and typical desserts.

Children are welcome during the day, but children under 10 are not allowed after 7pm.

Fish Market Restaurant

Located next to the Liverpool subway station, this restaurant is perfect if you fancy a seafood platter or fish of the day.

From simple mussels or a simple grilled fish fillet to scotch haddock eggs and tuna tataki, this restaurant’s menu combines nostalgic coastal dishes with contemporary fish dishes. Almost all of the fish they serve is caught from Britain’s coastlines and rivers using sustainable methods.

Simpson’s in the Strand

One of the most famous British restaurants in central London, open since 1828. With traditional dishes and a super elegant lounge, a restaurant we would definitely recommend. The Beef Wellington and the traditional Sunday Roast stand out.

Dean Street Town House

Very famous restaurant in London, located in Soho, next to Piccadilly Circus. Traditional British food, in a very elegant room too. Brunches stand out during the weekends.

Recommended British Pubs in London

Here are some of the British pubs we recommend trying in London, but don’t forget to check out our Historic London Pubs article .

Swan at the Globe

Pub located on Southbank, the promenade on the south bank of the Thames, next to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. With views of the Thames, one of the pubs that we like the most, where it is also possible to go and have an authentic afternoon tea.

The Anchor Bankside

When walking along the south bank of the Thames, this pub will undoubtedly catch your attention. Its facade is the focal point of many tourist photos, and if it’s a good day you really want to sit on the terrace with the views it offers. Being a place of transit, it is advisable to make a reservation as it is always full. They have typical British pub food, and are part of a chain that runs many pubs in England.


If you are going to visit Notting Hill and plan to eat there, then this would be one of the British pubs that we would recommend you to visit. With typical English pub food and a family atmosphere.

The Horniman at Hays

In London Bridge we find this pub where they also serve typical British pub food. Perfect if you’re walking along the south bank of the River Thames and it’s time to eat! It is located in Hay’s Galleria, a place that you cannot miss on your visit to London.

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