The best parks in London

The British capital stands out for its large number of green areas, and visiting at least one of the best parks in London if you are going to travel to this fantastic city is undoubtedly one of the key points of your visit, regardless of the time of year. .

We have always said that in London the 4 seasons of the year are lived to the fullest, and the parks are undoubtedly the best reflection of each season. In winter, with a bit of luck, we can see them covered in snow, and one of the favorite things is to get lost in the fairs and Christmas markets that they usually put on in some of the parks. In spring it is beautiful to see how the first flowers appear and how the trees change for the summer, leaving us with the most fascinating colors during the autumn…

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The Best Parks in London

As one of the greenest cities in Europe, there are numerous small parks dotted around the city, but it is the big, well-known parks that we recommend visiting first.

Hyde Park

What to say about Hyde Park that you have not already heard, this huge park is the lung of the city and is located in the center of London, and it is definitely a must-see. Surely the large number of squirrels in the park will catch your attention, if you bring some food and offer it to them they will eat from your hand, something that children will love! If the weather is good, one of the best ways to see Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is by cycling, and this is very easy with a rental bike .

In Hyde Park there is the Serpentine lake, where it is possible to rent a boat to take a walk on the lake with the ducks.

In summer this park is the ideal place to go for a walk, and you can see many people playing sports, walking the dog, and many simply sitting on the grass enjoying the summer sun and having an ice cream. In summer there are also different activities, such as summer fairs and music concerts.

At Christmas, the great protagonist of Hyde Park is undoubtedly Winter Wonderland , a wonderful fair and Christmas market, where we also find an ice skating rink and a circus.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is located next to Hyde Park, and the truth is that it is difficult to differentiate where one park begins and the other ends! In Kensington Gardens we will find some beautiful lakes and gardens as well as the famous fountain in memory of Princess Diana of Wales, and the incredible Albert Memorial in front of the Royal Albert Hall, but you cannot miss Kensington Palace and the statue of Peter Pan .

Regent’s Park

Park located next to Marylebone and the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum . It is one of the most decorated parks in the British capital, and although less is said about it in the guides than about Hyde Park, in my opinion this park is also worth visiting if you come to London when the weather is good or you pass through the zone. Here you can also find the London Zoo and Regent’s Canal , which allows you to make a beautiful route from Little Venice to Camden Town . In the park there is an outdoor theater where it is possible to go see a play in the open air in summer, and combine it with a typical English picnic, being one of my favorite things to do in London in summer.

Green Park and St. James’ Park

These two parks are located next to each other, with Buckingham Palace between the two parks. In Green Park I have always been struck by the large number of squirrels there are!

St. James’s Park is a small but absolutely beautiful park, and one of the most visited parks in London by locals. It is one of the most cared for parks in the city, and carefully decorated with a multitude of flowers. In the park’s pond we find numerous species of birds, but I recommend going in search of the park’s famous pelicans that are usually in spring / summer.

There is a bridge that crosses the pond from which to stop to take a photo of the water with the park and the London Eye in the background is almost mandatory!

Holland Park

Located to the west of the city, Holland Park is a little hidden wonder that few people get to know about. It is one of the parks in London that, although it is quite central, is rarely visited by tourists, but if you have time I recommend it. Here in this park the beautiful Japanese garden stands out, one of the most romantic places in London .

Richmond Park

Located south of London, a bit far from the city center, but very nice to see if you have time. It is a wonderful large park inhabited by groups of deer, which you will surely find when walking.

In addition to the giant park, Richmond is also one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in London that we know, so I recommend that you take a walk through the neighborhood and the banks of the River Thames.

Hampstead Heath

Located north of the city. It is a park with numerous lakes where people bathe in summer, including a mixed lake, a women’s lake and a men’s lake. It is located in Hampstead, an expensive neighborhood in London that is highly recommended to visit and get lost in its streets.

Greenwich Park

Located south of London, Greenwich Park is one of the most beautiful parks in London. Here we find the London Observatory, with the famous zero meridian of London. From this park the views of London are wonderful, and there are other places to see in Greenwich of tourist interest, such as the Cutty Sark or the Greenwich flea market .

It’s perfect for a day out, and I often recommend taking a boat from Westminster to Greenwich to make the day even better.

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