Things to see and do in Washington DC

Washington, known for being the city without skyscrapers, but full of memorials and some of the best museums in the world. There are many things to see in Washington.

To make the excursion to Washington from New York You have two options if you want to do it by public transport: bus or train. We recommend the bus, since the price of the train is much higher and the journey time is similar, between 4 and 5 hours. In addition, the bus seats are much more comfortable and have Wi-Fi, something that if you want to take advantage of to work or go over the places to visit, it can be great. Buses leave several times a day from nearby Penn Station, easily accessible by subway from anywhere in the city.

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Climb the 184-meter obelisk of the Washington Monument, one of the symbols of the city and from which you will have the best views of Washington.

Get lost in the Eastern Market, the most famous food and craft market in Washington. It is located near the Capitol, in the historic neighborhood of Capitol Hill.

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Find the grave of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy in Arlington Cemetery.

Stroll at sunset along the banks of the Potomac River to the beautiful Tidal Basin, with magnificent views of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Visit the National Air and Space Museum, the most famous in Washington

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Have some delicious Ben’s Original Chili Half-smoke with a shake at Ben’s Chili Bowl. It’s Obama’s favorite hot dog spot, as well as being famous for appearing on several TV shows.

See from a far The White House, the residence of the most powerful man on the planet. To visit it you will have to process an application through the United States Embassy in your country.

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Stroll through George Town, a beautiful, historic Washington neighborhood with quaint homes, shops, restaurants, and lots of green space. One of the best things to do in Washington.

Approach the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool at sunset to watch the sunset. The obelisk and the Lincoln Memorial are reflected in its waters and it is one of the best things to see in Washington DC.

Climb the tower of the Old Post Office Building and enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the city.

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Look for the original 1848 Capitol columns as you stroll through the National Arboretum, a massive botanical garden.

Do not forget to see the bronze sculpture The Three Soldiers, in memory of the American soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War.

Read the famous phrases of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his beautiful memorial.

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Recall one of Forrest Gump‘s memorable scenes sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, with the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument in front of you.

Visit the Lincoln Memorial, the building where the famous statue of Abraham Lincoln is located and one of the best things to do in Washington.

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Enter the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, one of the most important in the world in its theme, together with the New York Museum of Natural History, which we recommend in the guide to New York in 7 days. Here you can see from reproductions of dinosaurs to mummies of ancient Egypt.

Eat the best pizza in Washington at &Pizza, where they have something for everyone.

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The Architect hotel, near the White House and with easy access by subway to Union Station, with a 24-hour reception.

Walk the “Embassy Row” or “Embassy Street”, an avenue where many of the embassies from around the world are located.

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Have a picnic or stroll through Rock Creek Park, a perfect urban park to disconnect from the city.

There are many museums to see in Washington, and almost all of them are free. One of the most recommended is the National Museum of the American Indians, which will take you back to the time of the Indians before colonization.

Find the US Marine Corps War Memorial or Iwo Jima Memorial. A sculpture that came out of the famous photograph of soldiers raising the United States flag at the Battle of Iwo Jima.

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Enter the Library of Congress, one of the largest libraries in the world, where the draft of the Declaration of Independence is kept.

See the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, located on the shore of a lake and with classical architecture. It pays tribute to one of the most important presidents, being the main author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. One of the best things to see and do in Washington.

See the ” Equal Justice Under Law” message on the impressive United States Supreme Court building, in the heart of Capitol Hill.

Approach the National World War II Memorial located at the beginning of the reflecting pool. A symbolic monument that honors the Americans who served and died in World War II.

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Go out for a drink at The Waterfront, a riverside neighborhood full of restaurants and nightspots.

Eat traditional American food at the Old Ebbitt Grill, near the White House.

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Being awestruck at the Korean War Veterans Memorial. 20 figures of soldiers with faces of tension from one of the cruelest and deadliest wars.

Visit the Capitol for free.

Use the subway for the longest distances.

If you have several days in the city, you can take the opportunity to take an Excursion to Alexandria and Mount Vernon, where George Washington spent much of his life.

Approach the Dulles Airport, to see the planes and ships that do not fit in the National Air and Space Museum. In it you will find the shuttle Enterprise, a Concorde and many other aviation gems.

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Savor delicious cupcakes with coffee at Georgetown Cupcake. Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Washington.

Enter the Washington National Cathedral, the second largest in the country and the sixth in the world.

Find the Martin Luther King Memorial. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial he delivered his most famous speech “I Have a Dream“.

See the portrait of Geneva de Benci in the National Gallery of Art, by Leonardo da Vinci, the only one preserved by the artist in the United States.

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Stop by The Mall several times during your visit to the city, one of the best things to do in Washington. The Mall is the esplanade that goes from the Capitol to the Washington Monument and where museums, memorials and national monuments are concentrated.

Enjoy a good brunch at Clyde’s of Gallery Place. Eggs Benedict, crab, mussels or meatballs are some of their delicious dishes.

See how dollars are printed at the Mint.

Visit the huge Arlington Cemetery, with thousands of tombs of soldiers from all times and wars who have given their lives for their country.

See the documents of the formation of the United States and its Government in the main room of the National Archives.

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Take a photo of the legendary FBI building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Getting closer to see The Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. It can be seen with a better perspective from the Arlington Cemetery.

Walk the 3 floors of the National Museum of American History. The museum has a large collection of iconic items from American history.

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Remember scenes from movies and series like Forrest Gump, House of Cards or Homeland, while touring Washington.

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