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Tips Before Traveling To Paris

If you are close to embarking on your trip to Paris, and you have some questions regarding your trip, in this section we offer you a list of the most frequent questions that travelers ask before going to Paris. In case the questions that appear in the list do not solve your doubts, you can contact us to try to help you and in the future include your question in the FAQs of the guide; In this section we will try to answer your questions with useful recommendations for traveling to Paris .

When to travel to paris?

You can decide the best season to travel to Paris without complications depending on your tastes . If you like to be hot, and summer hot flashes, the best time is to go in summer. If, on the other hand, you enjoy more with somewhat cool temperatures, you can visit it in spring or autumn. In case you like to see the Christmas decoration and enjoy this city with a festive decoration, the best time is Christmas . Throughout the year there are things to do and places to visit in Paris, you just have to find out what time of year best suits your tastes . In our climate section we inform you about the climate and travel seasons in Paris, to help you decide which is the ideal time for you.

How many days to travel to paris?

The ideal number of days to travel to Paris will vary depending on what you want to do during your stay. If you are only interested in visiting the most touristic places and you like to go fast, in two days you may have seen things from above. If you like to visit things slowly and dedicate some time to your vacation, with about three or four you can have seen the most interesting things calmly. If you want to explore the city in depth, visit the surroundings and secret corners , the travel time increases. So that you can get an idea of how many days you need to complete a trip (and how much time can take) we recommend that you look at our guide’s Paris itineraries .

How can i get around at night in paris?

Depending on what time you need to move , the transport will vary. If you go to dinner at a restaurant and return to the hotel around 12, you can return by metro since it closes on weekends at approximately 2am. If, on the other hand, you decide to extend the night and go out partying , you will have to use the noctilien or a taxi. In our section on night transport we give you information about the timetables, lines and stops of the night buses.

What can i do with the children in paris?

In Paris you will find plenty of options for things to do with the little ones. Apart from visiting Disneyland Paris, the city has different activities to do with children. In our section on traveling with children we give you information about the places to go with the family in Paris.

What do i need to receive healthcare in paris?

This will vary depending on your country of origin , since the documentation to travel is different. If you are a citizen of the EU , you can apply for the European health card that includes all basic social security treatments . If you are not a resident of the European Union, or you are unemployed , it is recommended to apply for private travel insurance . In the data of interest section you will find more information on healthcare.

Is paris an expensive destination?

This will depend on the style of travel you usually do. If you frequent restaurants every day of your stay, the trip will increase the price considerably. However, if you like to organize your money well for your trips, it can become an affordable destination. If you are interested in how to save money on your trip, you can consult our article with free activities or the guide on how to save money in Paris .

Is it interesting to visit the markets of paris?

Yes, especially if you like to experience the local atmosphere of a tourist destination. In these markets you can find everything from organic groceries to souvenirs and antiques. If you need information, don’t miss our article on the markets and flea markets in Paris.

Are there outlet stores in paris where you can buy designer clothes?

Yes, but you will find them under the name “Stock Boutique” . On the outskirts of Paris, near the Palace of Versailles, there is a large shopping center with brands at outlet prices. You can find more information about these stores in our shopping section .

What are the meal times like in paris?

Unlike in Spain, the culture of eating and the hours of this daily activity are different in Paris, as well as throughout France. The midday lunch break is usually between 12:00 and 1:30 p.m. , so many kitchens will close at 2:00 p.m. Dinner is usually held between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The meal times in Paris must be taken into account so as not to find the restaurants closed and to adapt to the meal times while we are visiting the city.

Some Things You Should Not Do When Visiting Paris

In France, education and manners are prized, so you should always greet with a ”bonjour” or say please “s’il vous plait” when you ask a question or order something in a restaurant. It is also important to address people without being familiar with them and always address them as “you”. In Paris it is forbidden to feed pigeons as you could be fined between €35 and €150. Feeding these animals is prohibited above all because the birth rate has increased and they dirty the cornices and facades with their droppings. Always remember to walk on the right side in the corridors or subway stairs . People who tend to be in a hurry, or who need to run to catch a transport connection, usually do so on the left side; this is normal in Spanish or Italian cities but in London it is the other way around. It is also important to remember that bathing in the Seine is not allowed . Although this seems logical, there may be people who are interested in going for a few strokes in the canal. Aside from not being allowed, the water is not very healthy and can lead to illness. Another point to keep in mind is that it is not allowed to show oneself in public when very drunk ; Yes, it is allowed to have a wine on a picnic but do not overdo it with the drink. As everywhere, this action is penalized and carries a fine of about €150.

How to get to disneyland paris?

To get to Disneyland there are different options depending on where we are going from. If we come from the center of Paris, a comfortable way is to go by RER and it takes about 35 minutes. The train station is located at the park entrance . If we come from the airport , there are shuttle buses that take you directly to the park. In case of landing at Charles de Gaulle airport, we can access the park by train. For more information you can visit our article on visiting Disneyland .

Is there accommodation near disneyland paris?

Yes. You have several options to choose from, since there are accommodations in the towns around the park. Before booking, it is important that you find out if the accommodation has a bus stop that takes you to the park or has any transportation service to Disneyland. In the section on staying around Disney you can find more information about it.

Which of the tourist vouchers is the most recommended?

The most recommended voucher will depend on what you are interested in visiting during your stay in Paris. There are three types of tourist passes: the museum Pass, the Paris Pass and the Pass Lib. The museum pass includes visits to various museums and monuments in the city. The other two vouchers differ in the activities they include , but both include the Museum Pass and the Paris Visite. In our article on tourist vouchers you have detailed information on the things that are included in each one.

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