Tips for looking for a hotel in London

Do you need to find a Hotel in London? Don’t worry, we know (from experience) that it is often difficult to know which hotel to choose when you visit London, so we have prepared a series of tips that you should keep in mind when looking for a Hotel in London.

I have to say that looking for a hotel in London is not usually an easy task, finding a hotel in conditions at a good price in London can be difficult but it is possible! The first time we visited London was New Year’s Eve, and you can imagine how expensive everything was for those dates. So in the end we opted for a small hotel in the Notting Hill area, which worked out very well for the price but the hotel was not great.

Many of the cheapest hotels are quite old hotels, some have been renovated but others still retain their special charm… although there are some that, no matter how charming they may be… they should be renovated! The important thing is that it is clean, and not noisy, right?

What will you find in this article?

Tips to find a hotel in London

Location of the Hotel in London

As you know, London is much bigger than cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which means that sometimes you will find hotels that are mentioned as being “in the middle of London” but the reality is that it will take you 45 minutes to get to the London Eye or Piccadilly Circus… and surely what you had saved on the price of the room you are going to spend on transport. Our advice is to make sure that the hotel is close to a tube stop, and I would advise you to look at zones 1 and 2 of London , and at most I would consider zone 3. To see more detailed information about the areas to stay in London you can see our article: Where to stay in London .

Choose Hotel in London

Sometimes the hotel chains that you will find in London, or in the UK, are different from those in Spain. One that we always recommend, and that some friends have stayed in when they come to London, is Premier Inn . They have many hotels in the center, good ratings and you can stay 5 min. from the center for a very good price. Also, if you come with children, it is the best option, since those under 16 years of age have free accommodation and breakfast. You can also use search engines like where you can compare more than 2000 hotels in London. We recommend using the filter by location (map) since it will take less time to discard those that are far from the center or those that are out of your budget.

Full board, half board or only room and breakfast?

We always recommend the “Room and Breakfast” option as one of the best, because although there are hundreds of cafes and breakfast places in London, you have to think that if you are only going to stay for a few days and want to take advantage of the time, the fastest is to go down from your room, have a good breakfast in about 20 – 30 min. and go out and enjoy the city. Obviously, everyone can do what they prefer, but considering the incredible variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, etc. We would never advise you to choose half board or full board when you come to London… for that we have prepared a few articles so that you know where to eat well and without spending a lot! You can see the articles here: Where to eat in London .

Where to find a hotel in London

Take a look at our list of recommended hotels . Here we have compiled a list of centrally located hotels, with good ratings and good value for money, therefore they are good, nice and cheap hotels!

Well, now that you have more information, you can start your search for a hotel in London, but if you have any questions, you can leave it below as a comment and we will be able to answer and advise you when you need it! Luck!

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