Paris Tourist Cards And Vouchers

Paris Tourist Cards

To visit the city there are three types of tourist vouchers which will allow you to save money during your trip to Paris. To choose which of the city’s tourist vouchers is better, you must take into account what you want to visit and/or do during your visit to Paris. In other words, before embarking on the trip, organize your itinerary around the city well and write down how many monuments and points of interest you are going to see. Look for the prices and add up the total, then you can compare if buying the tourist voucher is profitable for you.

Next we will explain the three types of tourist vouchers that are offered to visit Paris. The official Paris tourist vouchers are the Paris Pass, the Museum Pass and the Pass Lib. Remember that if you are only interested in saving money on transport, the Paris Visite tourist transport voucher may be useful for you.

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The Tourist Ticket Museum Pass

Access to Paris museums

The Museum Pass tourist pass can be purchased for 2, 4 or 6 days. During the days of purchase, the pass is used to visit the museums and monuments included in the voucher. Among the museums included in the Museum Pass are the Louvre Museum, the towers of Notre-Dame, the Musée d’Orsay, the Pantheon, Versailles, among others. This bonus is interesting if you amortize your time during your stay and organize it well, being able to visit the most important points of interest for you with quality.

This tourist card will be profitable if you calculate the price of the places you want to visit, and the sum is higher than the price of the card itself. If you are traveling with children, or in a group, you should keep in mind that it tends to go slower when you go on a trip, so it is even more important to calculate the things you could visit. The closing time of the museum or monument should also be taken into account, since you should always count between 45 minutes and 1 hour before closing, that is, do not go to visit something with just the right time because you may find that you cannot to visit.

Some specific days of the month, some of the museums are free, so you must take into account the dates of the trip before buying any tourist voucher. If you are under 26 years of age, and resident in the European Union, check the museums website as you have free admission to most museums. In our museum guide you will find a list of the most important.

Where to buy the Museum Pass? Rates

You can buy the Museum Pass online, at airports, at museums, monuments and tourist offices in Paris. However, the best option is to process your order online and pick it up at the office opposite the Musée du Luvre. You can get your Museum Pass here.

Museum Pass adult fares are as follows:

  • 2 days = €57
  • 4 days = €73
  • 6 days = €83

Paris Museum Pass: 2, 4 or 6 days


Visit more than 60 of the best museums and monuments in and around Paris with a comfortable and affordable museum pass. Discover the Louvre and Versailles, and visit the Arc de Triomphe, the Pompidou Center and many others. *Target price

The Paris Pass Tourist Card

The Paris Pass tourist card includes a visit to :

  • Montparnasse Tower
  • Dali space
  • A wine tasting at the Ô Château winery
  • Paris Opera
  • Grevin Museum
  • Boat trip on the Seine (Bateaux Parisiens)
  • paris story

In addition to these visits, which are only included in the Paris Pass, this card includes the Museum Pass (explained above) and a Paris Visit transport voucher within zones 1 to 3. The Paris Pass card also includes exclusive offers on purchases at Galeries Lafayette, in restaurants and you can even include a perfume as a gift.

It is interesting to know that in many places on the internet, there is talk of extending the pass according to the days you visit. In other words, if you buy a Paris Pass for two days and travel four days, the first two days you can do the activities on the Paris Pass list and the next two days use the Museum Pass and the Paris Visite. You can also start the first two days of your trip visiting museums and using the Paris Visite and the next two days doing Paris Pass activities. Under no circumstances should they be alternated as the passes will no longer be valid.

To activate any of the Paris tourist vouchers, proceed as follows: write the date of the day you start using it and your name and surname. Under no circumstances is it advisable to write down the date before knowing when you are going to use them, since with a strikethrough they are no longer valid. In short, your bonus will start counting from the time you write down the date and your name by hand, and pass it through an access machine. From here, the days of the bonus will begin to count.

Where to buy Paris Pass and fees

You can buy the Paris Pass voucher online, which will include shipping costs or collection costs in Paris itself. On the Paris Pass website you will have information about card shipments. You can purchase your Paris Pass card directly from here.

Please note the details we mention in the Museum Pass before purchasing: on free museum days, children under 18 (residents and non-residents) and EU residents under 26 enter most museums for free.

The rates for the Paris Pass for adults are as follows:

  • 2 days = €130
  • 3 days = €158
  • 4 days = €198
  • 6 days = €236

Paris Pass®: free entry to more than 60 attractions


Save time and money with a 2, 3, 4 or 6-day Paris sightseeing pass and get free entry to over 60 attractions! Enjoy free public transport, activities, 1 day of tourist bus, a guide and discounts in restaurants and shops. *Target price

The Paris Lib Tourist Card

The Paris Lib tourist card includes :

  • Boat trip on the Seine (Bateaux Parisiens)
  • Tourist bus
  • Tour to the Eiffel Tower (Optional, pay more for this)

In addition to these three activities, Paris Lib includes the Museum Pass and the Paris Visite. The use of the cards that come with the Paris Lib is the same as with the previous tourist voucher, only the extra activities that are included (those on the list) change.

Where to buy the Paris Lib and rates

You can check the complete list of attractions included in the card and purchase your Paris Lib here. The rates of the Paris Lib for adults are:

  • 2 days = €109
  • 3 days = €129
  • 5 days = €155

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