Transport in London: How to get around, how much it costs and what is cheaper

Transport in London has its tricks. There are several methods of transport, and you will need it depending on how long you are going to be in London and where you are going to be staying.

  • To get from the airport to the center the options you have are: train and bus, and from heathrow airport you can take the underground to the center of London. For more details visit our page « How to get to London from the airport «
  • Once in London you can use the tube, the bus and there are even boats on the Thames that serve as transport although once you are in the center, you can walk to most places in the center.
  • Transport in London is very very expensive if you buy single tickets, so if you are going to use public transport the first thing you have to do is buy an Oyster Card, even if you only plan to take the tube or the bus a couple of times, you It will be profitable to use one. We have not talked about Taxis here, but do not forget that it may be another option!
  • In London, if you travel by tube, the price of the ticket varies according to the areas in which you travel. If you travel by bus the price is fixed, regardless of the number of zones you cross.

All this can be confusing if it is your first time in London, so we recommend that you see our specific entries on transport in London:

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