Travel To Paris At Easter

Easter is an excellent time to visit Paris since spring is in full swing , and it is, for many, the most beautiful time to visit the city of love. For this reason, during the Easter holidays, the city is usually more crowded with tourists and you may find yourself in long queues to access the most important points of interest in Paris . To avoid this, we advise you to go early to the monuments that make it more fun to visit and then take the opportunity to walk around the city.

In Paris there is a long tradition linked to Holy Week . We anticipate that one of the customs is to give chocolates to children in different shapes and flavors, so it can be a good way to spread the excitement of traveling and discovering new things to the little ones.

Here we tell you what you can do in Paris during Easter and the different activities that take place in Paris during Easter.

What to do in Paris at Easter?

One of the star activities during the Easter holidays in Paris is the chocolate egg hunt around the entire city, including in points of interest and amusement parks. Although it seems like an activity aimed at children, in Paris it is done with the whole family , even adults are encouraged to hunt for the Easter egg.

During the days of Easter, different events are organized around the city where the main activity is the search for Easter eggs hidden in different places. You can find this activity in parks and gardens , museums , amusement parks and even in nearby cities such as Provins. If you have already traveled to Paris more times, you can make excursions to the surroundings where events focused on the search for Easter eggs take place. You can find some information about activities in and around Paris on the Paris tourism website .

If you travel with children to Paris during Easter, they will surely enjoy these games a lot. You can find Easter events in different places to go with children such as Disneyland Paris , the Asterix park or the zoo , among others. We invite you to look for the information on the website of the sites before traveling, to make sure that the year you travel to Paris this activity is carried out.

Unlike the popular belief in other countries of the Easter bunny, in France the tradition is different. According to French tradition , on Good Friday all the bells of the churches of France, mourning the death of Jesus on the cross, fly to Rome to see the Pope. For this reason, the bells of the churches of Paris are kept silent until the day of the resurrection. On this day, according to tradition, all the bells fly back to the churches and ring with joy , bringing chocolate to all the children .

Continuing with the tradition of chocolate, another of the things to do during Easter in Paris is to spend a little time looking at the pastry shop windows and seeing the different chocolate figures. Among the best-known stores are the Pierre Hermé patisserie, Galeries Lafayette, Patrick Roger and Ladurée .

During the days of Holy Week, masses are also organized in the different churches and cathedrals of Paris. During Palm Sunday and during Holy Thursday, Friday and Holy Saturday , different masses and Via Crucis are organized . It is advisable to visit the web pages that we provide in the guide of churches and cathedrals to find out about the events that take place at Easter in Paris.

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