Visit Bath from London

Visiting Bath from London in one day is something that I recommend without a doubt, since it is one of the most beautiful cities in England and it is worth escaping for a day to get lost in its streets and its famous Roman baths. It is known for its Roman baths, which are said to be the best preserved in the world…

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What to see in Bath in one day

Bath’s biggest attraction is its Roman Baths, which are the best preserved Roman Baths in England. You also have to walk around the city, and see key points such as Bath Abbey (Bath Abbey) and The Crescent (the famous semicircular building) and of course take a walk through the town and along the river area, which is beautiful.

Key points that you cannot miss when visiting Bath in one day:

  • Roman Baths: For more information you can visit the official Roman Baths website .
  • Jane Austin Center
  • bath abbey
  • The Crescent
  • Guildhall

How to get to Bath from London

To get to Bath from London there are different options, it is possible to go by public transport or go with an organized excursion.
a) Train: From Paddington or Waterloo station. It takes an hour and a half from Paddington and over two hours from Waterloo. The arrival station is Bath Spa, and from the station you can easily walk to the center and the Roman Baths. We recommend buying train tickets in advance, as it will be much cheaper that way. Here we tell you step by step how to buy train tickets online in advance.

b) Bus: I think the train is better if you are going to spend only one day, since the bus can take 3 hours and a half.
c) Organized excursion: The best thing about organized excursions is that you can combine a visit to Bath with other cities in England, or stop by Stonehenge as it is on the way. And you don’t have to worry about train tickets or train stations.

I would recommend taking a look at the following excursions:

  • Stonehenge and Bath.
  • Excursion to Stonehenge, Bath and Stratford Upon Avon.
  • Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath with the option.

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Hotels in London

Some of the most recommended hotels or bed and breakfasts in Bath are:

  • Brocks Guesthouse (Bed and Breakfast)
  • Royal Hotel
  • The Bath House

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