Visit La Villette In Paris

Visit The Park Of La Villette

The La Villette district is one of the oldest in Paris and enjoys great prestige, especially thanks to the immense park with the same name that occupies a large part of its surface.

La Villette is a huge park in the heart of Paris where there is a wonderful bond between modern architecture and nature. It was designed by Bernard Tschumi and is the largest urban cultural park in Paris. On your visit to the capital you should not miss it.

In this fabulous park you can lose yourself in numerous paths, walk along the Canal de l’Ourcq or stay watching the wonderful trees and plants that give name and life to this corner.

La Villette is also home to numerous cultural venues where works of art and knowledge are exhibited. Among them you may be interested in the City of Science and Industry, the Music Museum, or the headquarters of the Philharmonie de Paris. The Open Air Film Festival is also held here every year.

Throughout the park you can also discover interesting themed gardens and spaces to develop all kinds of activities. There are corners to play sports and to rest. It is a fabulous place to go for a picnic with friends or to go and enjoy an afternoon of reading.

A good way to discover this neighborhood is to start the walk from the Bassin de la Villette dock and go down towards the Ourcq river, passing through the St-Martin canal until you reach the Seine. It is an incredible way to discover a picturesque and art-filled Paris.

In short, La Villette is a fantastic place to go to enjoy nature and culture at the same time. A green corner of Paris full of hope that you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Paris.

Location of La Villette

La Villette is located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, near the Boulevard Macdonald.

park hours

You can visit this park for free every day from 06:00 to 01:00.

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