Parisian Neighborhoods: Le Marais And Les Halles

Visit The Le Marais District Of Paris

It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris, where the nobility used to reside and one of its main qualities is the great color of its streets and the innumerable cultural offer it has. Nobody who visits Paris should stop visiting it.

At first this neighborhood was a site of small monasteries and houses inhabited by monks, but after the construction of Place Des Vosges, in the 12th century, nobles and wealthy people began to settle there, turning it into a sophisticated and full of big mansions.

In Le Marais you can visit the former house of Victor Hugo, located at number 6 Place Des Vosges.

We also recommend a walk through its many colorful streets, a dinner in one of its trendy restaurants or a visit to one of the art galleries that are located there. Among the must-see cultural places is the Center Pompidou

Visit The Les Halles District Of Paris

The Les Halles neighborhood is located in the most central point of Paris and owes its name to the central market that operated there during the seventies. A large space that used to bring together a large number of people and that today has become another massive meeting place: the Garden of Les Halles.

In 1137 Louis VII decided to open a market away from the city and chose this site. Over the years and the growth of the city, the market became integrated into the heart of it and its life, becoming a meeting point for the residents of central Paris.

Among the things you can visit in this neighborhood are various places for leisure and sports, an underground shopping center and a Forum cinema space that bears the name of the neighborhood.

In this neighborhood there are also numerous shops where you can buy souvenirs and picturesque facades to photograph or admire. Do not forget to visit it!

It is an absolutely picturesque neighborhood where you can not only take beautiful walks but also admire buildings such as the Church of Saint Eustache and the Tower of St Jaques. We also recommend you pay a visit to Rue Montorgueil where you will find a large number of shops and take exquisite photographs.

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