Guide To Notre Dame

It was the writer Victor Hugo who managed to catapult her to fame in his wonderful story “Our Lady of Paris”, on which Disney would focus a few centuries later to compose his film, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

Notre Dame Cathedral is an imposing Gothic structure that has fascinating gargoyles suspended from its roof that draw very interesting shadows over the city when the sun goes down.

Brief history of Notre Dame Cathedral

The Celts were the first to choose this point on the map to perform their ceremonies. Later, the Romans built a temple dedicated to Jupiter on the same spot, and the first Christian church in the city was erected on top of it a short time later. Nothing remains of all of them. The building that we can visit today dates from 1163 and numerous architects and designers have participated in its construction, thanks to which it has been shaped as a heterogeneous building full of nuances and good taste.

In the 18th century, at the height of Baroque architecture , King Louis XIV had it modified and provided with the identifying symbols of this architectural style. Although during the French Revolution and the two world wars the cathedral suffered several destructions, they have managed to keep their style almost intact and it is one of the great buildings that you should not miss when you are in Paris.

Can you visit Notre Dame?

This is one of the tourist attractions featured on the vast majority of travellers’ lists of places to visit in Paris . Unfortunately, it cannot be visited. After the fire that broke out on April 15 at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, its treasury and its towers are closed and reconstruction and repair work is being carried out. The security perimeter of the Ile de la Cité has been reduced since April 21. However, it is still impossible to access the immediate surroundings of the cathedral, as well as the Petit Pont and the Pont au Double.

What to see in notre dame cathedral?

One of the main reasons to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame is to admire the confluence of different architectural styles, and the brilliant way in which the Gothic has managed to mix with the Romanesque and the Norman.

The Latin cross facing the West is another thing you have to see in this building; it is embedded in the middle of the building and is really striking.

The impressive western façade will undoubtedly be another thing that catches your eye, with the three doors on the west façade.

But without a doubt, what will leave you ecstatic will be the main façade, which is truly monumental and maintains a certain link with the Saint-Denis façade.

Regarding the interior of the cathedral, you will find a great temple with impressive lighting and wonderful frescoes and works of art that will fascinate you. Its giant columns make it a peculiar Gothic cathedral, and this, added to the decoration of its capitals and spandrels, makes it an enigmatic and truly wonderful building. Be sure to visit it when you are in Paris!

Notre Dame Cathedral – Location

Notre Dame Cathedral is located at number 6 Parvis Notre-Dame, next to Place Jean-Paul II.

Notre Dame Cathedral – Hours and price

Currently it is not possible to visit the interior of the Cathedral.

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