The Docks Of Paris

Visit The Quais (Docks) Of Paris

With the name “Muelles de la Seine” one of the most beautiful pedestrian areas of Paris is known. It is located on the left bank of this important river and is a fabulous place to go for a walk all year round. It is an area prepared to receive visitors and offer them a space for enjoyment, with free activities and fabulous views of the city.

This zone extends from the Puente del Alma to the Puente Real. And in it you can practice from yoga to cycling or it can even be simply a place to go to rest after a long afternoon of walking or working and breathe in the sweet breeze of the water.

In this area there are many picturesque restaurants, urban gardens and food trucks to enjoy good and healthy food at any time of the day.

What to visit on the docks?

The Orsay quay is one of the most beautiful and popular in the area, it is very close to the Musée d’Orsay. From that point you can have nice views of the city.

The Sully and Bir-Hakeim Bridges are also a must-see along with the Alexander III Bridge, both of which belong to UNESCO’s recommended and protected sites.

A walk through the docks of Paris requires you to visit the New Bridge, which is the oldest in the city (built before 1600) and is designed in solid stone.

The Pont des Arts, for its part, is very close to the Louvre Museum and is for many one of the most beautiful in Paris. Do not forget to visit it!

As you will see, the bridges and docks of Paris represent a type of tourist visit in themselves, so no one should miss out on a tour through its walkways when visiting the French capital. Are you going to do it?

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