Information About The Palace Of Versailles

This palace is undoubtedly the most popular in Paris. It was built by Louis XIV and represents one of the most important monarchy buildings on the European Continent.

It is not only striking for its architectural features but also for its vast gardens. It is an incredible place that you should not miss in Paris.

It is one of the most important historical buildings in Paris. It has an impressive Byzantine architecture located in a large garden of more than 800 hectares. During your visit to this European capital you should not miss out on it.

A bit of history about Versailles

The Court of King Louis XIV was installed in the Palace of Versailles in 1682, after the monarch ordered the remodeling of the building, which until then had been used as a hunting lodge.

For a century, until the outbreak of the French Revolution, it was used for this purpose and not only became a symbol of royalty and exquisiteness, but also attracted many aristocrats to Paris, eager to see the impressive and beautiful Palace of the Court.

While the palace dates from the 15th century, the gardens began to be planned and developed from 1661, for which an extensive wooded and marshy territory was cut down and modified to be able to plant delicate flowers and a large field of grass.

Today the Palace of Versailles is considered the Museum of the History of France, since since 1789, when it ceased to be used as the residence of the monarchy, efforts have been made to make it a fundamental icon of culture and country life.

What to see in the Palace Of Versailles?

The palace and its rooms

You should not leave out those most historic rooms and where you can appreciate an architectural and artistic wealth that will dazzle you. In addition, the rooms of the Palace house collections of paintings and sculptures that represent great figures and important events that marked the history of France.

Hall of mirrors and the chapel

Among the things you should not miss on this visit is the Hall of Mirrors and the Chapel. You should also not miss visiting the Great Apartments of the King and Queen, where you will be able to appreciate an ancient and delicate decoration.

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