Wat Phraya Suren Temple in Bangkok

Who is now looking for a place to travel? If anyone still can’t find not properly pinned where to go Admin recommends that Let’s come to visit Wat Phra Ya Suren because today, admin will take everyone to visit Wat Phra Ya Suren!! Add me to whisper that Anyone who likes to visit temples worship the sacred Who is Mutelu? Do not miss visiting Wat Phraya Suren Let me introduce in a dipping sauce, saying that Wat Phraya Suren has a good thing to carry and worship as well, that is the Garuda of Wat Phraya Suren. Amulets of Wat Phraya Suren and Garuda of Wat Phraya Suren. It’s a must have item!! After reading up to here, I am excited and want to visit Wat Phraya Suren. And then, right? Then!! We better not delay. Inviting all Mutelu people who travel to temples to follow and follow the admin to go to Wat Phraya Suren together. Let’s Go!!!

Wat Phraya Suren Where is it located? You must know this!!

As we all know that Wat Phraya Suren It is one of the famous temples of places to visit in bangkok But there may be many people who still do not know that Wat Phraya Suren Where is it located? Today, admin has an answer for everyone who is curious. Wat Phraya Suren is located at 32/8 Phraya Suren Road. Sam Wa West, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok 10510, Ramintra 109. Another point that can be easily noticed is Bueng Phraya Floating Market or Wat Phraya Suren Floating Market, which is located on the other side of the temple.

Let’s get to know Wat Phraya Suren more by knowing its history!!

Besides we know where Wat Phraya Suren is located. Another thing we should know is the history of Wat Phraya Suren. Next, admin will take everyone to know the history of Wat Phraya Suren. Wat Phraya Suren was built in the year 1882 by Mr. Pan . Tri Phraya Suren Ratchasena and Khunying Suren Ratchasena Both of them donated about 48 rai of land to build a temple, sure enough. Anyone who has read up to here probably knows more about Wat Phraya Suren. Next, we go to Wat Phraya Suren. How do you continue?

When you come to Wat Phraya Suren, you have to come cool like someone who knows the way!!

In addition to knowing the location and history of Wat Phraya Suren, another equally important thing that we should know is the map of Wat Phraya Suren or traveling to Wat Phraya Suren . There are 3 methods of Phraya Su Ren. Method 1 Traveling by private car In traveling, I will use Ram Inthra Road. We will drive through the intersection of Ramintra-At Narong Expressway. And continue driving for another 800 meters, you will find an intersection, turn left onto Khubon Road. Then continue driving until you pass under Kanchanapisek Road. Keep driving until you come to Phraya Suren intersection. Then turn left onto Phraya Suren Road. Drive straight to the end of the road and you will see a sign for Soi Phraya Suren 50.

Method 2: By bus: You can get on the bus at the Min Buri Market Bus Terminal, Route 197. The car will end the route and let us get off at Khu Bon Road. Phraya Suren Temple. Method 3 Minibus : In traveling like this We have to get on the bus at Min Buri Market Bus Terminal, Route 1120, Wat Phraya Suren – Min Buri. If anyone is concerned about travel safety Add suggests that there should be Garuda of Wat Phra Ya Suren, sacred objects, Wat Phra Ya Suren, Garuda of Wat Phra Ya Suren, with you, guaranteed to be holy and safe throughout the journey – back for sure.

Wat Phraya Suren Thao Wessuwan which is not good, just a beautiful temple!!!

If anyone is looking for places to visit in bangkok Attractions in the central region that are in the style of temples in Bangkok . Phraya Suren Temple. Interesting things in the temple are Luang Pu Thuat, a sacred monk that has been invaluable for more than 120 years, Wat Phraya Suren School, relics brought from 5 countries: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Burma and Thailand. The wall for us to see as well. What you shouldn’t miss is going through the chapel at Wat Phraya Suren for the prosperity of yourself and don’t miss Wat Chao Am on the Thonburi side. Garuda, Wat Phraya Suren, to carry with you for auspiciousness as well.

Nearby Attractions Wat Phraya Suren

Wat Sammachanyawat

Who still travels Phraya Suren Temple is not Jujai, add me, Sammachanyawat Temple or Wat Mai Khlong Song to recommend. Sammachanyawat Temple is located on Phraya Suren Road, Bangchan Subdistrict, Khlong Samwa District, Bangkok. Interesting thing inside the temple is Phra Ubosot 2. The floor is covered with glazed porcelain tiles. Applied Thai style with ancient Khmer patterns. Anyone who likes to pay homage to monks and give offerings to monks is recommended to come here. There is also Wat Weerachot Thammaram Beautiful temple near Bangkok Let’s go and visit as well.

Phraya Suren Floating Market

It is a floating market that is close to Wat Phraya Suren is located on the edge of Phraya Suren Canal. It is a market that has a classic aura mixed with the rural atmosphere of a community along the canal. Within the market, more than 200 stores are set up in locks, offering both savory and sweet foods for sale. Come to the floating market and Wat Phraya Suren, you must have the Garuda of Wat Phraya Suren, the sacred object of Wat Phraya Suren, the Garuda of Wat Phraya Suren, Wat Phraya Suren with you. For the prosperity of life

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