Watch football matches in London – Premier league

If you like football and you come to London, we recommend that you try to buy tickets to see an English league match in one of the London stadiums during the weekend.

The atmosphere that can be experienced around the field during the hours before the match is incredible. The typical thing is to arrive an hour before the game and have a few pints in a nearby pub with all the local team’s supporters while eating some hamburgers or hot dogs (you will see many stalls that are set up in the streets surrounding the stadiums, since the police traffic closes several hours before.)

Remember that in England the time of the matches is different from what we usually see in the Spanish league and other European leagues, here most of the matches are played from 12:30 in the morning until 3:30 p.m. or sometimes 4:00 p.m. but they don’t play at 9 or 10 at night like they do in La Liga.

In recent years they have been very concerned about security in the stadiums and now there are rarely problems between supporters of different teams, and even in some stadiums the treatment of visiting supporters is totally respectful.

There are currently several London teams in the Premier League and the English second division, but the most popular are Arsenal (Emirates Stadium), Chelsea (Stamford Bridge), Tottenham Hotspur (White Hart Lane) and Queens Park Rangers (Loftus Road)..

If you want to know the exact date and times of the matches and know how to get to each stadium, the easiest thing is to visit the Premier League website and do a search for the next matches of the London teams. Right there you can see a detailed record of each team in the league and links to their respective web pages.

Buy tickets for English League matches

Our recommendation if you want to buy tickets for a match is that if you can do it several days in advance from the website of the team you want to see, although you can also find more information (in Spanish) on the official website of the Premier League: Barclays Premier League.

There are other ticket sales websites such as Viagogo, which we do not recommend at all since their prices are much more expensive than on the official websites of the teams and in England, some media have accused them of being one more way of «re- online sale.

If you don’t mind being on your feet for the full 90 minutes and surrounded by fans singing and shouting throughout the match, I recommend getting tickets to one of the pools, the atmosphere is amazing in most stadiums. I say “standing” because although there are seats, you will see that they are not used at any time…
After the game, the fans usually go to the nearby pubs to have a few pints or eat something while commenting on the game, although sometimes, if the result has not been very good, you will probably not see much atmosphere in the bar.

If you can’t make it to a match, but would like to be able to take a tour of one of London’s major stadiums, check out our London Football Stadium Tours article.

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