The weather in London: what clothes should I wear?

The weather in London is undoubtedly one of the things we take into account when planning a visit to the British capital. Surely you will wonder what the weather is like in London on the dates you are going to travel and what clothes you will need, if it is necessary to bring a coat and scarf or simply a jacket…

Here we are going to give you a little guide about the weather it usually does in London, in addition to writing what the weather is like now and how those of us who live here dress.

What will you find in this article?

The weather in London by months and seasons of the year

Weather in London in Winter

The winter season officially takes place between December 21 and March 21, although by winter we always refer to the coldest time of the year, which in London usually coincides with the months between November and February.

The weather in London during the month of November is usually quite cold, and it is usually necessary to go outside with a coat, something important to keep in mind if you are thinking of visiting London in winter. In November London begins to prepare for one of the most beautiful times of the year, Christmas in London . During the month of December in London is when we usually see the first snowflakes fall, and the truth is that there is nothing more Christmassy than seeing snow in London . In December the days are usually quite short in London since it gets dark at 4 in the afternoon, but the truth is that at night is when we can enjoy the most of the Christmas lights in London. The weather in London during the months of January and February is, according to my own experience, the coldest of the year, but it is also when the days begin to be a little longer, since it gradually begins to get dark a little later. In March we usually still wear our coats in London, although some days we are surprised by rays of sunshine that begin to warn us that spring is approaching, and it is necessary to take our coats off from time to time.

In conclusion, if you are going to visit London during the winter, I would recommend you to bring a coat, scarf and gloves and good shoes so that your toes do not freeze!

London weather in spring

The spring season takes place between March 21 and June 21, and the weather in London in spring is usually very pleasant. At the end of March is when we change the time to summer time in London, and this time change makes the days much longer, and as soon as the sun rises a little, what we most want is to walk through the wonderful parks of London that begin to bloom.

At the end of March the weather is usually better in London, and the coat begins to be too much and we feel more like putting on a slightly thinner jacket. This time of year usually coincides with the Easter holidays, and it is very common to visit London at Easter.. In April the days are already a bit warmer in London, but I would still recommend bringing a jacket. And the month of May in London is one of my favourites, because since we live here the weather in London in May is usually fantastic. There are usually one or two weeks in May in London when the sun comes out and we tend to be quite hot (at least compared to the winter that just passed!) and that’s when we start to wear a T-shirt in London. But as always, the weather in London can be a bit unpredictable and sometimes it surprises us, for example in 2016 when it suddenly snowed at the beginning of April!

London weather in summer

The summer season officially starts on June 21st and ends on September 21st, and there is no doubt that it coincides with the hottest months of the year in London. The weather in London in summer can be spectacular, although the real heat can last for a short time, I’m happy to say that you can really enjoy the summer in London. It is usually the perfect time to go in a T-shirt (although sometimes you need a cardigan for the afternoon) and it is not usually that terrible heat that prevents you from walking to enjoy the city.

During the summer months in London there are usually many events in the different parks of London, as well as many free things to enjoy in the city. Visiting London in summer is a wise decision, since you can walk through the parks to enjoy them to the fullest, in addition to walking around the city being able to take advantage of the long days we have in summer in London.

Weather in London in Autumn

The autumn season takes place between the 21st of September and the 21st of December, and this is when the weather in London can suddenly change to give way to the arrival of the cold… At the end of September in London, as well as during the month October, if we’re lucky it might have some pretty nice days, but I have to say there are years when summer sometimes ends a bit drastically in London, and autumn in London can appear from one day to the next without notice.

That said, autumn is one of the most beautiful times in London, as the parks are covered in leaves and it is impossible to walk through one of the parks without taking a photo! In addition, the arrival of the cold in autumn in London is something that reminds us that one of the most magical times in London is approaching: Christmas. In London in autumn you will need a jacket for sure, and sometimes even a coat is not bad…

The current weather in London 2022: What clothes to bring if you are going to visit London

Our experience: Well… I have to say that we have been living in London since 2010 and no, it doesn’t rain every day!!!! We came thinking that it was going to be constantly cold, that in summer we were going to have to wear a coat and that we were going to break 10 umbrellas a year. It’s not as hot and sunny as in Spain, of course, but it’s not that bad! The only thing that has caught our attention is that the weather changes very quickly here, it dawns sunny, and after a while it starts to rain, it rains for 15 minutes and the sun comes out again…

As the weather in London can be totally unpredictable, and it can be very cold in the middle of June or surprisingly enough time to have a drink on a terrace in winter, here I am adding information about the current weather in London so that you can get an idea of the weather that does.

I always advise everyone who comes that it is best to come “in onion style” with layers to be able to put on and take off as needed, since you really never know.

The weather in London in January 2022

In January the weather in London tends to be quite predictable, as you will definitely need a good coat, and I recommend a scarf and gloves for most of the month. Since we live in London, January is when it usually snows and it is usually the coldest month of the year.

  • January 13: Cold! We have a coat, hat and gloves!

The weather in London in February 2022

  • February 5 : Highs of 12°C. We wear a coat, a scarf for the neck. It’s not really cold in the sun…
  • Feb 23rd: We just passed Storm Eunice, so a lot of wind, and some rain.

The weather in London in March 2022

  • March 12: Yesterday it rained all afternoon, but today it is sunny. We wear a coat, but the thin one more than the winter one, and a scarf around the neck is not bad. Highs of 13°C during the day, and lows of 8°C at night. Sunrise at 6.22 am and sunset at 6 pm.
  • March 26: A very sunny weekend, reaching 20°C during the day. It seems that spring is coming!
  • March 29: Although we thought that the heat was coming, this week the temperatures will drop again. This Thursday it drops to -1°C and it even looks like it’s going to snow a little… So today we put on our coat again.
  • March 31: Today it snowed! Moments of sun, and moments of snow all day. Very cold! Scarf, gloves, coats….

The weather in London in April 2022

  • April 7: These days the weather has been quite pleasant, a bit of sun and rain from time to time. We hit highs of 14 or so during the day. Feeling hot during the day, but we still wear a coat.
  • April 24: Sun, and a little cloudy, 19°C maximum with a sensation of heat. T-shirt and jacket / cardigan.

In April we celebrate Easter in London

The weather in London in May 2022

The weather in London in June 2022

The weather in London in July 2022

  • What to do in London in good weather.

The weather in London in August 2022

The weather in London in September 2022

The weather in London in October 2022

The weather in London in November 2022

  • Christmas in London .

The weather in London in December 2022

  • Christmas in London .

Weather in London years 2010 – 2021

Here you have the history of the weather in London from previous years, since I think that sometimes it helps to see what the weather has been like in a particular month in other years:

Weather in London in 2011

  • December 28, 2010: max. 9ºC min 6ºC. Obviously in December you have to bring a coat, gloves and a hat! Maybe today it’s very sunny but tomorrow it’s snowing!
  • January 9, 2011: Clear, lots of sun all day but cold. max. 7ºC min 0ºC (at night!)
  • January 22, 2011: Cloudy, a little rainy with a little intermittent sun, but feeling quite cold. We continue with a maximum of 7ºC but the minimum is already 5ºc!!!! wow!!!
  • January 28, 2011: The temperature has dropped again, and we have returned for a few days to the freezing cold that makes your ears go numb! Today’s max 3ºC minimum 0ºC.
  • February 1, 2011: Today when I left work I realized that it has already started to get dark a little later, how good! The temperature has risen a little, today we have had intervals of sunshine, 30 minutes of rain at noon, and they say that by the end of the week we will reach 13ºC!!!
  • February 26, 2011: We have spent a week with half the week with rain and the other half with plenty of sun…. Today there was a bit of both! It’s not so cold anymore, however, you still need a coat…
  • March 27, 2011: Now, with one more hour, the afternoons get longer so we can enjoy this wonderful city a little more. Today we have reached 16 degrees, with plenty of sun, it has been a very good day. Let’s hope it continues like this!!!
  • April 6, 2011: We have reached 25 degrees!!! Lots of sun and you don’t need a coat anymore!!!! But it doesn’t mean that the temperature will drop a little bit again, you never know here… what is true is that it’s already spring in London, and walking in the parks is highly recommended!
  • April 27, 2011: We continue with a lot of sun and we have reached 28 degrees… let’s see if the weather is with us for the royal wedding
  • May 18, 2011: Well… we have had a few weeks of practically summer, reaching 25ºC!!! But… as here the rain cannot be missing because we have had some rain for two days (which is not bad either since the grass was beginning to dry!) and the maximum is 17ºC in recent days. So the jacket is not bad at all….!
  • June 10, 2011: We’ve had several days with lots of rain and lots of sunshine… changing temperatures, it’s cold as well as hot…. So t-shirt but jacket just in case!
  • July 18, 2011: Phew… we’ve had a week of rain that doesn’t seem like summer at all!!! We had a good May but July is spoiled… they say it will continue like this for a few days, let’s see if we see the sun soon!
  • September 06, 2011: Well, after an August with several hot summer days, the weather is already beginning to tell us that summer is coming to an end… the days are beginning to be a little shorter, it gets dark a little earlier… 3 days ago we arrived at 31ºC (according to my car!) but today we had a maximum of 18ºC with a rather gray day…
  • October 2, 2011: A week of almost 30ºC day after day!!! A lot of sun and a lot of heat, it is supposed to last a couple more days, we hope so!
  • October 18, 2011: And… the cold came! It has already started to get dark earlier, and you can tell that winter is coming… now I do recommend a coat just in case, because it is starting to get chilly…
  • November 15, 2011: And now winter is coming… it’s chilly, and today, for example, you probably wouldn’t have had a scarf left over….!
  • December 5, 2011: At 9.40 in the morning it is 4ºC, with clear and sunny skies, and the maximum will be 7ºC… Cold???? To set the mood for Christmas…
  • December 17, 2011: It snowed yesterday! But it didn’t set, then the sun came out and melted the little snow that fell. Maximum of 5ºC, minimum of -1ºC. Coat, gloves, fur hat, earmuffs, scarf, and tights….!!!!

Weather in London 2012:

  • January 30, 2012: Cold, cold, cold… Not as cold as when it’s going to snow, but enough to freeze your hands and toes when you’re walking down the street…!
  • February 12, 2012: Sooooo cold!!!! With snow still on the ground in some places….!
  • March 5, 2012: Well, some flowers are beginning to appear, the days are already longer and the temperature is not bad at all, if the sun comes out we reach 14 degrees more or less, so with a jacket you can It’s going pretty well, but still don’t get overconfident and bring something to keep you warm just in case! Like onions, layers that you can put on or take off as needed…!
  • March 24: Sun, sun, sun and 20ºC!!!!
  • May 13, 2012: after several weeks of non-stop rain, it finally seems that the sun is coming out a little bit again…. the maximum these days is 17 degrees, so long-sleeved shirts and a jacket for when it gets dark!
  • May 27, 2012: Lots of sun and heat, reaching 30ºC. T-shirt days and picnics in the park!
  • June 28, 2012: At 28ºC, but with rains in sight for the next few days and falling a little.
  • July 8, 2012: Rain, sun and rain and sun…. and so we are… with more or less 20ºC…
  • July 22, 2012: It seems that summer has arrived!! For this week, sun, and reaching 30ºC, so picnics in Hyde Park and a short-sleeved T-shirt! But… with some long-sleeved little thing for when it cools down….
  • August 12, 2012: A very hot week, a weekend with a perfect temperature… but it seems that for this week a little rain returns
  • September 13, 2012: It starts to get dark a little earlier, and although during the day it is reaching 24ºC (and last weekend it was 30ºC) at night it does start to get chilly, with about 7ºC….. like this that a little warmer for at night….
  • October 22, 2012: With a maximum of 17ºC today, the temperature has not been bad, but with cloudy skies, a little fog and some rain… winter is coming! At the moment long-sleeved things and a jacket that warms up a bit since it is cooler at night, reaching a minimum of 5ºC on some nights.
  • November 19, 2012: Cold!!! Winter is coming… it’s not as cold as it can get yet, but I recommend a coat, and even a scarf and gloves for the coldest…
  • December 10, 2012: With about -2ºC at night… frost and we have already seen snow! But it hasn’t caught on yet… so yes, coat, hat, gloves and fat tights!

Weather in London 2013:

  • January 17, 2013: at -5ºC at night… and on red alert due to snowfall for this weekend… Scarf, gloves, ear muffs… and thermal clothing!!
  • February 17, 2013: Today at last… it seems that we can say that spring is on its way, it doesn’t freeze at night anymore and during the day if the sun comes out it’s comfortable… let’s see if it lasts!
  • March 31, 2013: Cold, cold and cold… the coldest March since the 60’s!!!!!! Today still with scarf and gloves, and tonight it still snows…. Spring isn’t here yet…
  • May 15, 2013: A little better… a bit of sun, but still a little warm…
  • July 28, 2013: We have spent a whole month of pure summer, with an average of 20-something degrees per day, some days passing 30ºC… we are in pure London summer. With sandals, short sleeves but a long sleeve for the night in case it cools down a bit. Although rain is forecast for the next few days…
  • September 10, 2013: And… summer is over. After 3 months of summer, temperatures have already begun to drop and rainy days are coming. So, long sleeves and a jacket…!
  • September 27, 2013: When the sun is out, it’s great, but to give you an idea, a jacket and something long-sleeved under it goes very well.
  • October 31, 2013: Well, after the big storm this Monday (San Judas) the cold has arrived… so I recommend a coat, not too thick, but it is already needed in these lands…
  • November 17, 2013: Coat, gloves and you already need a handkerchief or a scarf if you are very cold… It’s Christmas in London, come prepared!

Weather in London 2014:

  • January 4, 2014: This Christmas it hasn’t snowed yet, and it hasn’t been as cold as it can get yet… More or less 6ºC during the day, and today it has been raining practically all day. So coat, scarf and gloves if you are cold…
  • February 7, 2014: Well, it hasn’t snowed yet, it hasn’t been as cold as it can be in winter… we are at a maximum of 9ºC, but coat and more to keep warm if you are not used to the cold!
  • February 23, 2014: Last week it rained a lot, but it’s been a couple of days without rain, a temperature of about 12ºC during the day and a little cooler at night.
  • April 23, 2014: We have had several weeks without rain, with sunshine, reaching a maximum of 18 degrees, but there are days when it is cooler even though the sun is out… so we recommend a jacket.
  • May 15, 2014: Sun!!! We have already started with short sleeves during the day, but I would recommend something thin long sleeved and a jacket for when it gets dark… Here we wear short sleeves with the first ray of sun that comes out!
  • June 13, 2014: Summer at last!!! We have two whole weeks of pure summer according to the news, so we are about 25 degrees, shirt and sandals!
  • August 07, 2014: Hot and hot, this is indeed a summer in conditions, short-sleeved shirt and sandals!
  • October 5, 2014: After a quite pleasant September, the temperature begins to drop a little… this week maximum of 17ºC but it is noticeable that it is cooler, especially on cloudy days, I recommend closed shoes, long-sleeved clothing and a jacket .
  • November 6, 2014: Cold, cold, cold!!!! Winter has arrived, so coat and scarf around your neck… and in a few days there will be people with scarves and gloves… you have been warned!

Weather in London 2015:

    • January 3, 2015: Cold! Gloves, hat, scarf and a good coat. Maximum of 4ºC during the day!
    • January 21, 2015: Now the cold has really arrived… with a bit of luck there will even be snow for the next few days…!
    • February 8: 3 days ago it snowed in London, but it only set a couple of hours before melting… So this week the temperature has been quite low, but today it has been a very sunny day, and we have been at 8ºC, so a very nice February day! Still, coat…
    • March 4, 2015: It seems that sunny days are coming and with higher temperatures, but he has also said that it will still snow this month in London… Today it was sunny, but quite cold, so a good coat is still needed.
    • April 1, 2015: We’ve had a week with maximums of 12ºC, the sun comes out but it’s still cool… So I recommend a coat / jacket and a neckerchief for those who get colder. With the time change we have longer days, there is little left for good weather!
    • May 13, 2015: We are having a very pleasant few weeks, we have reached 22ºC during the day, but the normal thing is that the maximum is around 18ºC. For those of us who are already used to English weather, we go with short sleeves and a cardigan. For those of you who come from Spain I would recommend a jacket, just in case!
    • May 27, 2015: Very nice weather, I still don’t wear sandals, but short sleeves and a cardigan when it cools down.
    • June 21, 2015: Cloudy, the sun comes out a little… Pleasant temperature, but it’s not hot… Short-sleeved T-shirt, closed-toe shoes and a cardigan in case it gets chilly at night
    • July 6: We’ve had a week of summer that we can’t believe it! Maximum 36ºC last Wednesday… and more or less 26ºC during the day, so short sleeves and sandals!!! But always bring closed shoes and something long-sleeved just in case, it just suddenly starts to rain!
    • August 25: Typical London summer… on Saturday the 22nd we were roasting in about 30ºC (short sleeves, shorts and sandals)… Yesterday it rained like never before and today it woke up clear but intermittent rain is expected for the next few days… The feeling is cooler, so I recommend a cardigan or thin raincoat for these days, and closed shoes in case it rains…
    • September 12: Autumn is coming, it gets dark a little earlier, at 8 in the afternoon it is already getting dark. We have had very sunny days, but hy has gotten up cloudy. I recommend a t-shirt and sweatshirt or jacket.
    • October 10: It’s already getting colder… on sunny days it’s very good to wear a jacket that sometimes is even oversized, but early in the morning or at night or if it gets cloudy you need a jacket, maybe a rather thick jacket … I don’t have a coat yet but sometimes I take the neckerchief, but it depends on the day…
    • November 24: To accompany the Christmas lights and the Christmas markets that are being installed around the city, the cold of London’s own winter has already settled in… These last few days, very, very cold, so bring a coat, gloves and a scarf that Christmas is near!
  • December 20, 2015: Well, it was cold but two weeks ago the temperatures rose again, and it is still the hottest December in the last 100 years! The average temperature during the day is about 15ºC so we have plenty of thick coats but at night we do need them… but we leave the scarves and gloves at home…

Weather in London 2016:

  • January 18, 2016: Cold! Gloves, hat, scarf and a good coat. Maximum of 5ºC during the day and freezing at night! Last Saturday it snowed at night but it didn’t set…
  • March 10: After a few spring-like days, it’s a little cold again… Coat, scarf or neckerchief and good shoes.
  • March 29: Lots of sun last week, and suddenly yesterday we were surprised by a hail storm that lasted 10 minutes and then let the sun come out again… The temperature has risen a bit, I am wearing a thinner coat or jacket and a scarf for the neck
  • April 6: Very pleasant sun, there is no need for a scarf for the neck… thin jacket.
  • May 5: A couple of weeks ago it snowed… but temperatures have risen and a weekend of 25ºC awaits us!!! So it’s time to take advantage of the Sun this weekend!
  • September 7: After a rather hot August, the end of summer is approaching. Although we have had a few cloudy days, it is still hot and it is good to wear a T-shirt and sandals. Although it is always a good idea to bring something long-sleeved like a cardigan just in case.
  • October 18: sunny days, with occasional showers. I recommend something long-sleeved and a jacket.
  • December 22: At the moment it is not as cold as it can be, yes we go with a coat and a scarf around our neck but we are not frozen like other years! sunny days, a white Christmas does not await us this year…

Weather in London 2017:

  • January 3, 2017: The first snow of this Christmas fell last night and this morning, but it hasn’t set because afterwards a super nice sun has come out… anyway it’s cold, coat, scarf and gloves
  • March 10, 2017: The temperature has already risen and the days are longer, getting dark in March almost at 6 in the afternoon. Although the temperature is already much more pleasant, I recommend bringing long-sleeved things and a jacket. Sometimes I still wear a scarf around my neck
  • April 10: After the hottest weekend of the year – with the sun out all day and having hit 23℃! and to wear short-sleeved shirts…. Today the temperature has dropped again and it is cloudy, with a maximum of 15℃. So today we wear jeans, cardigan and jacket.
  • April 13: Right now at 9am the sun is out, but it looks like it’s going to get cloudy later even though there’s no rain in the forecast. For those of you who come to London at Easter , I recommend you to bring a jacket that keeps you warm as it is supposed to be cloudy with a maximum temperature of about 14℃, but hopefully it doesn’t look like it will rain all weekend. week, we’ll see!
  • May 3: Gray sky, some rain and cold… Jacket and neckerchief! But the fias are much longer, at 8.20 pm it’s still daytime!
  • May 9: Very gray sky, rather cool… you definitely need long sleeves, and at least one jacket…
  • May 12: We have had two very sunny and quite hot days, but today it is cloudy again. It’s about 14℃ so I recommend a jacket.
  • May 24: Lots of sun and heat! This whole week is doing very good weather, and this weekend is going to be the hottest of the year, reaching 28-29℃. We go in t-shirt and sandals!
  • June 21: The truth is that this year we are having very good weather during the month of June in London. It’s been a very hot week for us, the truth is that I don’t remember such a hot June since we lived in London. Today it is very sunny, and the maximum temperature is 32℃… Sandals and short-sleeved shirts! And a dip in one of London’s public pools without a doubt!
  • July 5: Sun and very hot. We go in sandals, shorts / skirt and t-shirt… Full summer!
  • July 25: New, we have had a bit of everything this July in London, it has been very hot for a few days, but this week it has cooled down quite a bit, so much so that we have gone with a raincoat. Jeans, a short-sleeved T-shirt or even a thin long-sleeved one, and a raincoat… but I would advise you to bring a cardigan just in case!
  • August 8: gray and rainy days, it’s quite cool for summer so I recommend long sleeves and a raincoat!
  • August 14: Sun, cloudy, sun, cloudy… I am wearing pirate pants, sandals and a t-shirt, but I would recommend you wrap up a little more if you are a bit cold.
  • In September the weather in London can vary a lot, but in general we tend to start the month of September with very pleasant days. As the month of September progresses, it gets cooler and warns us that the cold is starting to arrive, so during September we start wearing jackets.
  • September 10: The cold has arrived! This weekend the temperatures have dropped and today we have had a super gray day with rain from time to time during the day. I definitely recommend jacket and long sleeve stuff.
  • October 4: Although it is sunny days, I can say that it is getting colder and that it is already noticeable that summer is coming to an end… you will need long-sleeved things, and a jacket that keeps you warm.
  • November 11: With the change of time to winter time, it is already noticeable that it gets dark much earlier, being at night already at 5 in the afternoon. And it is also noticeable that the cold is coming, we have already taken out some heteros and the coat is definitely needed now…
  • December 5th: It’s already getting quite cold, so cold that the first snowflakes fell in central London at the end of last week! But the good thing is that even though it’s cold we’ve been having very sunny days, I recommend bringing a coat, hat, scarf and gloves. Yes it is true that it is not as cold as it can be in London at Christmas yet! If you are planning to visit London soon don’t forget to take a look at our Christmas in London and New Year’s Eve in London sections.
  • December 12: On Sunday December 10 it snowed in London (you can see a video on our Facebook profile!) and today the sidewalks are still frozen and icy on cars and lawns in the neighborhoods that are a little on the outskirts of London, while in the center everything has already melted. But it is very cold so I recommend a hat, gloves, scarf and a good coat!

Weather in London 2018:

  • January 19: Sunny days but quite cold, we go with a coat, gloves and a scarf, we must wrap up! In London it is done during the day at 8 am and at night at 4.30 pm.
  • February 9: It’s getting really cold! We are in the coldest time of winter in London, and there are days when the maximum temperature currently does not rise above 5ºC! So I recommend you bring warm clothes, a coat, gloves, a scarf and some good photos so that our toes do not freeze!
  • February 15: After many days of very cold… today the Sun has risen and although it is cold, it is not as cold as it has been these last few days in London! The coat, the scarf and the gloves are still missing in London.
  • March 1: Snow, snow and more snow!
  • March 19: After a week of sunshine in which we reached 14°C, this past weekend it snowed again. Today it was sunny but it is still very cold, with about 3°C, so I recommend you to bring a good coat, gloves and a scarf.
  • May 5: Sun, Sun and Sun and heat! This weekend that coincides with the holiday Monday, May 7 , we will reach maximums of 27ºC and we do not expect a cloud! We Londoners wear summer clothes, t-shirts, sandals and shorts, but as you know I recommend a jacket because here you never know! We are going to have a spectacular Little Venice festival =)
  • June 11: The weather is very good and an ideal temperature, we go with a t-shirt and during the day it is hot enough to go in shorts and sandals. Yes, I recommend a cardigan and a jacket because you already know that here the weather changes drastically from one day to the next, although I had said that sunny and hot days are coming
  • June 14: Although today was a bit cloudier and a raincoat was needed in case it rained, it was a pleasant day. I think it’s official: Summer is here in London , with its many summer events and picnics in the parks !
  • June 23: Sun and heat! T-shirt and sandals =) although don’t forget a jacket that cools down in the afternoon 😉
  • July 2: Very hot, summer clothes!
  • July 20: Very hot, summer clothes. Sandals and skirts 😉 We don’t even wear a cardigan or jacket at night, but it’s not a bad idea to bring along in case it gets cold!
  • August 16: After weeks and weeks of pure summer, it has cooled down a bit, and we have had two days of rain. Although it is not very cold, I would recommend bringing layering clothes, a short-sleeved t-shirt, a cardigan and a raincoat just in case, although it is not expected to rain during the next week and expect maximum temperatures of 23ºC and sunshine during the next few days.
  • August 29: We have had a week with cloudy skies and some rains, but starting tomorrow better weather awaits us, and a good weekend awaits us. I am wearing jeans, closed shoes and a short-sleeved T-shirt, but with a raincoat on top. Something fine with long sleeves is still not bad if you are used to the heat of Spain!
  • September 29: Summer is definitely ending in London to give way to autumn, and it is getting cooler. We go with long-sleeved shirts and a cardigan but there are days when it is also necessary to take a jacket or a scarf for the neck.
  • October 20: They are doing very nice days, sunny. During the day in the sun, a coat or jacket is superfluous, but in the morning and at sunset, a thin coat or jacket is needed.
  • December 13: Although it is not yet as cold as it can get in London, it is already noticeable that we are at the end of the year! Definitely coat and I recommend a scarf or neckerchief, at the moment I don’t wear gloves but I would recommend bringing a pair just in case. This weekend it seems that the temperatures are going to drop quite a bit, but it seems that for next week they will rise a little again.

Weather in London 2019:

  • January 23: Today we have seen the first snowflakes that have covered the roofs and trees in white. As you can imagine, it’s quite cold! So coat, scarf and gloves without a doubt!
  • February 18: Yesterday, Sunday, there was a wonderful sun in the morning, we were in the Southbank area (where the London Eye is) and we had the first ice cream of the year in the street, but the best thing of all is that we had extra coats! The temperature will rise to 15°C by the end of this week. Even so, I recommend bringing a jacket or light coat, because it cools down in the afternoon!
  • March 17: This week has been very windy and it seems that the cold has returned a little. We wear a coat or jacket, but we no longer wear gloves or a hat, although at night the truth is that there is no need to wear a scarf around our necks. This week they say it’s going to be rather cloudy, with highs of 17°C and lows of 9°C, but it doesn’t say it’s going to rain.
  • April 19: Easter in London coincided with a heat wave!!! We arrived this weekend at 25ºC, and now we really have plenty of jackets.
  • June 12: We have had summer days at the beginning of the month, with maximum temperatures of 27°C, but these last few days it has been raining and temperatures have dropped to maximums of 15°C one day. We wear jeans, a thin long-sleeved shirt and a raincoat. But if you are cold, a thicker cardigan or jacket will do you no harm. It’s going to keep raining for a few days before it gets hot again!
  • June 23: Yesterday it was hot and sunny and today, although it is cloudy, it is hot, reaching 25°C. This week the temperature seems to remain high, but it will rain a little for a couple of days. At the moment we are going with short sleeves and sandals, although slippers go very well and I recommend a cardigan or something long-sleeved for those of you who are not used to British weather!
  • July 22: Heat. Last week it rained a lot, but this week we expect sunny and hot days, reaching 34°C on Thursday! Let’s go summer, with sandals, t-shirts and shorts, but bring a raincoat and closed shoes just in case!
  • August 10: It has been hot and true summer days, but today it is very windy and it rains intermittently. It’s not cold though! We wear jeans, a t-shirt and a raincoat. Closed shoe. Starting tomorrow they give us highs of 22°C and days with sun and clouds but no rain.
  • September 21: Today it is sunny and we reach 25ºC, at the moment we are wearing a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, but starting tomorrow it seems that autumn is coming… A week with rain awaits us and it seems that the temperatures are beginning to drop. It gets dark at 7.15 pm more or less.
  • October 13: Yesterday it was raining all day, and this morning we got up with rain but at noon the sun has already risen. It is colder, with maximum temperatures of 15°C during the day. We wear long sleeves and a thin jacket or coat at the moment.
  • October 29: With the time change last weekend it’s already dark at 5pm in London, and it’s suddenly started to get quite cold! You already need a coat.
  • November 15: It’s already quite cold… So dress warmly, and those of us who are coldest don’t have enough gloves in the afternoon… Highs of 9°C and lows of 5°C. It’s already Christmas in London

Weather in London 2020:

  • January 9: It is not very cold at the moment, today it has been sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. We are wearing a coat, but with a maximum temperature of 12ºC, I did not need a scarf today.
  • February 1: Sun. Highs of 13°C. We wear a coat, a scarf for the neck. In the sun it’s not really cold… Tomorrow the temperature rises to 14°C but on Tuesday it drops again to 9.
  • February 13: We have had a few days with a lot of wind, and rain, due to storm Ciara. But today, it was a very London day, cold in the morning, sun, then rain, then sun… and so on all day! It rained for about 10 minutes and then the sun came out. We wear a coat and gloves and a scarf are appreciated when the sun goes down…

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