What is the best time to visit London?

Actually most of the time the best time to visit London is when you can, but if you are lucky enough to be able to choose when to visit London, here are some small recommendations with a brief explanation.

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The best time to visit London

Unlike other tourist cities, London is not a seasonal city. You can enjoy London all year round, as the city never stops. Throughout the year there are different events and each season of the year has a special charm. Although it is true that there are two times that make London very special and when the number of tourists rises: Summer and Christmas. Perhaps too obvious!

Although I have to say that London is beautiful at any time, and when the days get longer and it’s a little warmer you can enjoy London a lot. That is why visiting London at Easter is also usually a wise decision.

Visit London in Summer

Many people visit London in Summer, and during this time of year is when you will be able to enjoy London and its wonderful parks the most. In summer in London there are also always events to enjoy in the parks and it is ideal to take a couple of bikes, or ride a boat in Hyde Park, or go to a play in Regent’s Park… in summer in London they are very long, rising before 5 am and setting at 9.30 pm. With such long days in summer, it is not surprising that you can enjoy London a lot… The temperature in summer in London is usually very pleasant too. There will be a few very hot days, reaching more than 30ºC, but in general they tend to be between 25ºC and 30ºC. Therefore, it is usually a perfect temperature to walk around the city.

Visit London at Christmas

The other most recommended time of year to visit London is at Christmas. At Christmas, London becomes an impressive city: Christmas lights dress practically all the streets in the center, and I have to say that simply the feeling you get when you see London at Christmas is not the same as in other cities… Hyde Park is installed the Winter Wonderland Christmas fair, there are Santa Claus races through the parks… And if we’re lucky we can even have snow for a few days.

During this time of year, it can get quite cold in London, making it necessary to dress warmly. In the middle of December it also gets dark very early, around 4 in the afternoon, but if it didn’t get dark so soon we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the Christmas lights the same way!

When is the worst time to visit London?

The worst time… In my opinion it would surely be at the end of January. When there are no Christmas lights, the sales are running out and there is what nobody wants, it is still very, very cold, it continues to get dark very soon and there are almost no events… but if it is the first time you come to London, all that surely will not matter and you will enjoy it the same.

When does the good weather start in London?

The good weather starts more or less in April, although the weather in London is very changeable (now I understand why the English always talk about the weather, there’s a reason!!!) and around that time there are quite hot days, but the same as the day next time it’s cold again… so you never know. In May the weather is usually good and from there is when the summer begins in London.

October and November are already days that are going to be cut and when the cold begins to be noticeable, but it is surely the best time to visit London if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of people.
But as I have already said, no matter how cold it is, you will love it!

What is the weather like in London right now?

We have an article in which we are telling you what the weather is doing in London, since it is really difficult to predict the weather in the British capital, and sometimes in the middle of April it has snowed! So I think that it is still useful for you to know what the weather is like now and what we are wearing so that you know what to wear when you visit London: What is the weather like in London.

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