What to do when the weather is good in London

When the weather is good in London it is possible to enjoy a lot of the British capital, and although London is not famous for being where it has the best weather in the world, as soon as the Sun rises and the temperature rises a little London becomes a paradise for those of us who enjoy sightseeing or enjoying the outdoors.

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When the weather is nice in London

The weather in London is quite unpredictable, really, but in our experience, in March when the time change is made and we start summer time, as the days get longer, as soon as the Sun rises a little it already gives the feeling of good weather and everyone goes out to enjoy the British capital.

So I would say that in April we can already say that the weather is usually better, May is usually one of the most pleasant months, and in summer June and July are usually also months in which the weather is good in London. The real heat usually lasts a few weeks at the most in the middle of summer, when we can exceed 25ºC and exceed 30ºC… I don’t know why, but I don’t usually remember August as the hottest month of the year, and in September temperatures usually begin to drop. temperatures…

What to do when the weather is good in London

Have a picnic in a park

Join one of the most British traditions and get together with friends for a picnic in one of London’s wonderful parks . London parks will be full of people on a hot day, it is very typical to have a picnic in the park, or just go to sunbathe and have an ice cream. We recommend you go to the Diana Memorial area in Hyde Park, where you will find a kind of swimming pool and a bar, or you can choose to ride a scooter. Or you can also go to Primrose Hill and enjoy the views.

Take a dip in a lake

Do you want to take a dip? Well, we have good news, there are several public swimming pools and lakes where you can take a bath when the weather is good in London. We recommend visiting Hampstead and the lakes on Hampstead Heath.

Have a pint at a Beer Garden

The beer gardens are the gardens / patios that some pubs have, which are used to the maximum during the summer days, although I have to say that they also succeed in winter when they put stoves… If the weather is good in London and you are going to visit a beer garden , I recommend you try a Pimm’s with Lemonade , the quintessential London summer drink. In addition to Pimm’s… maybe the smell of the barbecue encourages you to have a hamburger… Take a look at our list of pubs with the best beer gardens . We recommend going to The Garden Gate (in Belsize Park) or The Spaniards Inn (Hampstead) pubs.

Go to the Open Air Theater

For an unforgettable experience, I recommend going to the open-air theater in Regent’s Park when the weather is good in London. You can combine it with a picnic in one of the most beautiful parks in the British capital.

Visit Kew Gardens

London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Gardens, are a fantastic place to visit when the weather is nice in London. You can tour the different greenhouses discovering the most spectacular plants and flowers in the world, and have an ice cream sitting on the lawn of one of the most beautiful botanical gardens… It is something that we also usually recommend if you go with children. More information: Kew Gardens .

Visit Richmond Upon Thames

One of our favorite things to do when the weather is nice in London is to spend the day in Richmond. A paradise just a few minutes from the center of the British capital that will make you forget that you are in one of the largest and most important cities in the world. Find out more about Richmond here: Richmond .

Go to one of the London events

London never stops, but especially in summer… When the good weather arrives in London, the parks and the most touristic areas are filled with events such as concerts, open-air theater, music festivals… You can see what events are on in London on our events calendar .

Are you going with children? London is fantastic to come with children in summer. Many of the events that take place in summer and the British Summer Time festival are designed for families, all public swimming pools have children’s areas, the Regent’s Park open-air theater has plays adapted for children. In addition, the coastal areas mentioned above have amusement parks for children, from very young to not so young.

Go to the beach

If you fancy a beach escape, you’ll be happy to know that you can reach several beaches in a jiffy… Visit Southend-On-Sea or Brighton. Both are typical areas of the English coast that are worth visiting during the summer months. We recommend that you try the typical fish and chips to go!

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