25 things to do in Bogota (Colombia)

Bogota is the capital of Colombia. So it cannot be missing from your itinerary through the coffee country! You will not be short of things to see in Bogota  :  from its picturesque historic center to its attractive T zone, ideal for lovers of nightlife. In this post we tell you the best things to do in Bogota so you don’t miss anything in the Colombian capital. In the following map you will find marked the best things to see and do in Bogota. The best things to see and do in Bogota.

Things To See And Do In Bogota

Go up to Monserrate, an essential activity to do in Bogota

The best views of Bogota
The best views of Bogota

The Monserrate hill is the main attraction to see in Bogota.It is located at one of the ends of the city and from its viewpoint you will have an incredible view of the capital of Colombia.From above you will realize how big it is! You can go up to Monserrate on foot, by cable car or funicular.The first option is for those who want to play sports, although the trail can be dangerous at certain hours.And regarding the two other options, when one works, the other doesn’t.The funicular is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo! Going up to Monserrate is one of the best things to do in Bogota. Although wrap up warm because you will be at more than 3000m!Of course, keep in mind who you go with.Colombian superstition says that couples who visit Monserrate together never end up getting married.

Get lost in the streets of La Candelaria

A very picturesque environment
A very picturesque environment

The historic center of Bogota is beautiful, but La Candelaria is perhaps its most picturesque part. Its streets are full of color and its bohemian atmosphere will make you fall in love with them.Stroll through its cobblestones and enjoy the atmosphere and its incredible street art.Without a doubt,one of the best things to do in Bogota.

Get to know the Quevedo Jet

One of the most beautiful streets to see in Bogota
One of the most beautiful streets to see in Bogota

If you want to know the cradle of Bogota, you must visit the Quevedo Jet.That’s where the city was born!It seems unbelievable that such a narrow and tiny street ended up unleashing in one of the largest cities in America. Stroll around, drink chicha in one of its bars and enjoy its urban art.

Stand in the Plaza de Bolivar, the most beautiful to see in Bogota

The beautiful Plaza de Bolivar
The beautiful Plaza de Bolivar

It is the heart of the historic center of Bogota.Is beautiful!In its surroundings are some of the most representative buildings of the city such as the Primada Cathedral of Colombia, the Capitol, the Palace of Justice and others.All roads will lead you to it.So on your visit to Bogota you can’t miss it.

Photograph the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

A special church to see in Bogota
A special church to see in Bogota

It is one of the most beautiful Catholic temples to see in Bogota.It is very close to the Plaza de Bolívar, so you cannot miss it.It stands out for its style: Florentine Gothic with Byzantine and Arab touches, something quite unusual in the temples in the area.Simply different and attractive.

Be dazzled at the Gold Museum, one of the best things to do in Bogota

A very interesting visit to do in Bogota
A very interesting visit to do in Bogota

This museum is one of the most attractive to see in Bogota.Plus it’s alsofree!It has never been so cheapto see more than 30,000 gold pieces. The museum is quite large. There are three floors full of artifacts collected from the pre-Hispanic cultures of Colombia.For us, the visit became a bit repetitive, although it is incredible to see the jewels, offerings and other objects from the different eras.The visit is very educational.The museum is very well documented and it is very interesting to discover the symbolism of all these pieces.

Know the Church of San Francisco

The Iglesia de San Francisco is the oldest church in Bogota.It is located right in front of the Gold Museum. It may not attract much attention from the outside, but its interior is beautiful.It also has a lot of historical importance!Admission is free.

Visit the Botero Museum, one of the best things to do in Bogota for free

One of Botero's most famous paintings
One of Botero’s most famous paintings

Your visit is one of the most recommended things to do in Bogota for free. Botero’s work will not leave you indifferent.It hasa very peculiar style, recognized all over the world for its voluminous bodies.In addition, you can also see other works by great international artists such as Picasso. The Botero Museum is not only worth seeing for its works.It is located in a beautiful colonial house that will captivate you.Do not miss it!

Enjoy modernity in the T Zone

Zona T or also known as Zona Rosa, is the exclusive area of Bogota.There you will find the best restaurants, hotels and shops in the city.Although also the most expensive!We spend hours walking through its streets, shopping centers and having a drink in its modern bars. Also, at the same time, it isthe safest and most convenient area to sleep in Bogota.

Go shopping at the Andean Mall

It isone of the best shopping centers in Bogota.If you come from countries with strong currencies such as the dollar or the euro, you will find that buying in Colombia is much cheaper.So you can take the opportunity to buy some clothes at a good price.At the same time, it is alsoa good activity to do in Bogota if it rains.

Enjoy the rhythm of Carlos vives en Gaira, an essential activity to do in Bogota

If you like music,you cannot leave Bogota without dining at this place.It belongs to Carlos Vives, one of the great musical geniuses of Colombia.Every night they offer musical shows with songs by the author and other international musicians that will make you put down your cutlery and start dancing. The prices are higher than in other places, but they are not outrageous.It is worth the experience!And sometimes, Carlos Vives goes to the place… I hope you’re lucky!

Go on an excursion to the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira

It is one of the best excursions to do in Bogota.The Salt Cathedral is located in Zipaquira, a town located approximately one hour from the capital.Is incredible!The cathedral was carved 180 meters deep in a salt mine.Its interior is beautiful, and several artistic works stand out, among them several crosses illuminated with colored lights. We were surprised because it is like an underground city.It is much more than a cathedral!You’ll find plenty of shops and museums to keep you entertained. To give you an idea of its value, it should be noted that it was the number one Wonder of Colombia.The cheapest ticket costs 60,500 pesos (€13.50 approx)although there are other packs that include more activities.

Eat (and enjoy) at Andres Carne de Res

This restaurant is truly wonderful.The most famous place is in Chía, halfway between Bogota and Zipaquira.So stopping to eat there can be a great option if you take the excursion to the Salt Cathedral. The food is great, especially if you like meat.Although the atmosphere is even better!The place is decorated with antiques and there are several musicians performing, offering a perfect atmosphere. The restaurant is not expensive, especially if you come from countries that handle the euro or the dollar, although there are dishes for all pockets. Do not miss the experience!If you can’t go to Chia, there are also other places in the capital, although the atmosphere is not so good.

Disconnect in the Botanical Garden, one of the most relaxing things to do in Bogota

If you want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the Colombian capital, getting lost in its Botanical Garden is a great idea.It’s huge!It has about 20 hectares of gardens to enjoy its incredible variety of flora.That’s because it gets almost 12 hours of sunlight a day! The entrance is very cheap (it costs less than 1 USD) and you can enjoy its flowers and other animals. If you have several days in Bogota, it is a recommended activity.

Go up to the Mirador de La Calera to fall in love with Bogota

Bogota is a chaotic city that can be appreciated much better from above.One of the best viewpoints in Bogota is the Mirador de La Calera(or it was until recently).However, the municipality decided to close it because people gathered there to drink and the traffic collapsed.But do not worry!There areseveral restaurants with terraces where you can have a drink and enjoy one of the best views of Bogota.

Climb the Torre Colpatria and enjoy the view

Do you want to climb the third tallest building in Bogota?Then you must visit the viewpoint of the Torre Colpatria. It is located 192 meters high and will offer you beautiful views of the city.The only drawback is that they are only open from Friday to Sunday. The entrance costs 8000 COP (about €2 approx).

Buy a bargain at the Usaquen Market

If you are looking for something different to do in Bogota, you cannot miss this antique market. It takes place every weekendin Usaquen, a neighborhood north of Bogota.There you will find a lot of handicrafts and other second-hand products, which you will surely want to take home as a souvenir.There are even options to try the local cuisine.Don’t miss it if you have time!

Move to Rio de Janeiro at Cerro de Guadalupe

This is another of the best viewpoints in Bogota.In this case, you can get there by car.The views are quite similar to those of Monserrate.However, we recommend avoiding going at night.

Learn at the National Museum of Colombia

It is the largest and oldest museum in Colombia.What many do not know is that it was originally a prison.However, the reality of now is very different: inside you can see more than 20,000 pieces of Colombian history.So their cells have become exhibits! Admission is only $1 and it’s free on Sundays.

Have a drink in Parque 93

Parque 93 and its surroundings are one of the most attractive areasto see in Bogota.There are plenty of bars, restaurants and leisure offers to enjoy in the Colombian capital.

Hallucinate with the Teatro Colon

It is one of the most emblematic buildings to see in Bogota, especially in its historic center.This neoclassical theater was built at the end of the 19th century and is the national theater of Colombia. You can see a show or simply take a guided tour of its interior, which was inspired by the Palais Garnier in Paris, although it is not that big.

Hallucinate with the La Chorrera waterfall

It is the highest waterfall to see in Colombia.And it is relatively close to Bogota!You will only have to drive approximately 90 minutes.If you want to enjoy nature, do not miss this wonder.

Paloquemao Market

The markets always give you a glimpse of what life is like in the city.And Paloquemao’s is interesting!If you want to get into the life of the locals, explore this market.There the inhabitants of Bogota go to buy fresh food and you can take the opportunity to try some of their traditional dishes.Having breakfast at one of its stalls is a good option to discover the market.

Escape to Villa de Leyva

If you have several days in Bogota, we recommend you escape to Villa de Leyva. It is one of the most charming colonial towns to see in Colombia.Its central square is the main attraction, although its cobblestone streets and colonial buildings will make you fall in love with this magical town. Villa de Leyva is located more than 3 hours from Bogota.It is possible to visit it in one day, although our advice is to spend one or two nights there to enjoy its surroundings.And also of his magic at night! We recommend you avoid weekends, since that is when there are more tourists, especially nationals.It is worth enjoying its tranquility by sleeping in one of its attractive boutique hotels.We believe that it is one of the best excursions to do in Bogota.

Try ajiaco

And finally, to finish this post about the best things to do in Bogota, we could not forget to mention the ajiaco. It is one of the star dishes of Bogota gastronomy.You can eat it in almost any restaurant in the city.It is very good!

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