What to do in London

If you are thinking of visiting London and you are starting to plan your trip, one of the things that you are surely looking for is what to do in London.

In addition to all those wonderful places that you can visit in London , such as parks, museums or fantastic markets, in London there are thousands of things to do, and here are some ideas to plan the perfect trip to the British capital.

What to do in London

To start planning your visit to London there are three things that I recommend without a doubt: Ride the London Eye, take the tourist bus, and take a cruise on the Thames. These three things will show you the best of London, and you can always combine them however you want. But this way you can see the most important of the city. We explain all this in more detail in the following article: London Eye, bus and cruise .

In addition to those three things, we recommend:

  • Why not take some rental bikes to ride around Hyde Park or the Regent’s Canal ?
  • Go to the theater see a musical, a play or perhaps a ballet… Or maybe in summer you would like to see an open-air play in one of the parks or see a Shakespeare play in the fantastic Globe Theatre.
  • Take a typical Afternoon Tea .
  • Waiting outside the cinema in Leicester Square to see that actor you like so much at the premiere of his film…
  • Go to one of the many events London has to offer.
  • Go see an English league football match.
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What to do on any given day in London

Well, there are like a thousand things that could be done…for example, go to Covent Garden to have a coffee or hot chocolate with a muffin while listening to live music, go for a walk around the Camden market and have dinner in one of the pubs in the area, or maybe just go for a walk around Leicester Square, buy a super discounted last minute ticket to go to any of the more than 20 theaters in central London!!! or take the Northern Line (black) get away from the city and go to Hampstead Heath and walk through the countryside and end up having a pint in the Garden Gate pub by a stove in its back garden,

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