What to do on a Sunday in London

Sundays are normally characterized by being the day of the week in which everything is closed, and that day in which the streets of a city are usually practically deserted…
But London is a city that never stops, and by default, the streets are always full of people, and all the shops are open, the restaurants and pubs are full… So if you come to London for a weekend, don’t Don’t worry, there are going to be things to do without problems!

What will you find in this article?

What opens on Sundays in London

The shops in the center will be open, the only thing is that for example, if the shops on Oxford street and Regent street on weekdays close a little later, they usually close a little earlier on Sunday, usually at 6pm. In addition to the shops, all the tourist attractions and museums are also open on Sundays, and of course a walk in one of London’s magnificent parks is also a possibility.

What to do on a Sunday in London

In addition, there are things that can be done on a Sunday that cannot be done on other days of the week, such as:

Visit a flea market

  • Spitalfields, Petticoat Lane and Brick Lane: Brick Lane Market is one of the most famous markets in London’s East End and is only open on Sundays. In addition, it is located next to Petticoat Lane Market and Spitalfields Market, so I recommend visiting these three markets on a Sunday. Here you have everything, you can eat, drink, buy, see things… Of course, go in the morning. More information about these markets: Spitalfields, Petticoat Lane and Brick Lane Market
  • Flower market: Another market that you can visit only on Sunday is Columbia Road Flower Market , the most fragrant market in London…
  • Other markets open on Sundays as well as other days of the week: Brixton , Camden , and Maltby Street .

Try a typical Sunday Roast

The Sunday lunch of the English. It has to be in an authentic place… More information: Sunday Roast . If you go to Spitalfields Market, we recommend trying it in one of the pubs that you will find in the surroundings or in a restaurant called Canteen. To see recommended pubs visit Recommended restaurants

Visit a London neighborhood you don’t know

I suggest you visit Greenwich (and its market that opens on Sundays), Richmond (where there is also a craft market on Sundays), or visit the beautiful neighborhood of Hampstead . Or if you prefer, you can go to one of the highest points in London to see the London skyline …

Plan the perfect Afternoon Tea

Take advantage of Sunday afternoon to taste a typical Afternoon Tea .

Events in London

Check out our events calendar to see if there are any free events over the weekend that you’d like to attend.

Do you need more ideas?

By the time it gets dark, you can venture downtown and stroll through Covent Garden , Leicester Square, and it is totally advisable to stroll along Southbank (south bank of the river) where there are also several places to go for dinner, and see Big Ben and the London Eye from night… So don’t worry, a Sunday is not a day to get bored in London!

What to avoid on a Sunday in London

Probably the only area that I would recommend avoiding on a Sunday would be the City area, since it becomes the ghost zone of London, where shops and restaurants are not open… but the truth is that seeing all those empty streets can also have its charm…

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