25 essential places to see in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country with half a million inhabitants , less than many European capitals! But a great history and a lot of wealth are concentrated in a small space , since it is the country with the second highest GDP per capita after Qatar . Their culture is marked by having been found right in the middle of Roman Europe and Germanic Europe. For this reason, a large part of the things to see in Luxembourg are related to defensive constructions. In addition to having a small territory, it is very easy to travel. Basically, because it is the first country in the world to offer free public transport . Buses and trains can be used without a ticket. We tell you 25 things to see in Luxembourg to discover everything that this small country has to offer.

Essential Places To See In Luxembourg

Historic center of the capital, one of the most beautiful places to see in Luxembourg

A good place to start discovering Luxembourg is the historic center of its capital. Five centuries ago it was part of one of the most powerful fortresses in Europe . The walls were demolished in 1883. Now, their place is taken by green spaces perfect for walking or playing sports. Do not forget to get lost in the alleys of the center, they are very beautiful!

Casemates du Bock, an essential place to see in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg fortress was a perfect example of military architecture. Its best example is the casemates, 23 kilometers of underground galleries where hundreds of soldiers and their horses could take refuge. The structure was so large that it was impossible to remove the casemates without destroying part of the city that had been built on top of it. So they have become a historical attraction to see in Luxembourg . Admission costs €7 and is included in the Luxembourg Card .

Chemin de la Corniche

In the center of the capital there is a wonderful viewpoint from where you can see the Alzette River and the lower city . The view of the dark roofs and the colorful facades is great. For us it is an essential place to see in Luxembourg .

Grund, the most charming neighborhood to see in Luxembourg

Don’t settle for seeing the lower part of Luxembourg City from the vantage point! Grund, that’s what the area is called, has beautiful corners. It is very quiet, it does not give the feeling of walking through a European capital at all. Its cobbled streets and traditional facades are postcard-perfect .

Grand Ducal Palace, one of the most emblematic buildings to see in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world. The Grand Duke is the head of state and his official residence is impressive. It is a Renaissance palace that was built as a town hall for the city, but eventually became the residence and workplace of the Grand Duke . During the months of July and August you can visit the interior with a guided tour .

Adolf Bridge

One of the most typical sights to see in Luxembourg City is the Adolfo Bridge. With the unevenness between the upper and lower city, the bridges are essential to move around the capital. This one has been standing since the year 1900, almost nothing! Its arched shape is already an emblem, so don’t forget to take a picture of it.

William II Square

This square represents the heart of the historic center of Luxembourg. The city hall is located there , as well as the tourist office in case you need any information about things to see in Luxembourg . There is also an equestrian statue of William II, who was Grand Duke and gives the square its name.


Touching the border with France there is one of the most important thermal complexes in Europe . In Mordorf-les-Bains you can immerse yourself in mineralized waters that are even said to have healing properties. What they surely have are relaxing properties. The site also has a gym, saunas and a hotel.

Schengen Museum , a very educational place to see in Luxembourg

Did you know that the Schengen area is named after the municipality of Luxembourg? Schengen is a town that is touching France and Germany. The Schengen treaty was signed there in 1985 to abolish border controls between most European countries . The town is very small and its main attraction is the free museum dedicated to the history and significance of the treaty.

Cathedral Saint Mary of Luxembourg

The Santa Maria Cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings to see in Luxembourg. It is quite curious, because it combines original elements of the Jesuit construction in the 17th century with modern sculptures inside. Its stained glass windows from the 19th and 20th centuries are also beautiful. Some members of the Luxembourg royal family are buried in the crypt.

National Museum of History and Art

Despite being a small country, there are many interesting museums to see in Luxembourg . This deals with the history of the country through objects related to its past, mainly from the Gallo-Roman Empire. There are sarcophagi, coins, jewelry and archaeological remains . In the part dedicated to art, works by national artists from the 18th century to the present are exhibited . In short, it is a good place to learn more about Luxembourgish history and culture. Admission costs €7 and is included with the Luxembourg Card.

Luxembourg Philharmonic

Another ideal example of the importance of culture in Luxembourg is its wonderful Philharmonic. It is one of the most renowned concert halls in Europe , where prestigious artists and orchestras from around the world perform. Beyond its good acoustics, the Philharmonic building has a striking modern design created with more than 800 white steel columns .

Grand Duke Juan Museum of Modern Art

Here is another interesting plan to do in Luxembourg for art lovers. The modern art museum, known as Mudam , has hundreds of contemporary works. They are mainly by Luxembourgish artists, but there are also some big names such as Andy Warhol . Admission costs €8 and is also included in the Luxembourg Card.

Fort Thungen

Next to the modern art museum there is a contrasting 18th century fortification . It is another example of the country’s past, full of defensive constructions.

Vianden Castle , one of the most beautiful castles to see in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country, but it is full of castles! There are those who say that there are more than 100, although the most accepted theory is that they exceed 50. So you could spend a couple of months in Luxembourg visiting a castle every day. One of the most famous is in Vianden, a charming town very close to the border with Germany. It was built between the 11th and 13th centuries, although it has been restored so that it can be enjoyed in all its splendor. Admission costs €8 and is included in the Luxembourg Card.

Müllerthal Route , one of the most picturesque places to see in Luxembourg

There are many places to see in Luxembourg, leaving aside its capital. For nature lovers, a must-see is the Müllerthal route. This road extends for 112 kilometers . It is divided into six sections in case you do not have time to go through it all. Pass through dense forests, amazing rock formations and of course you will also see some castles along the way. One of the highlights is the Schiessentümpel waterfall . It has three small waterfalls in a totally idyllic setting, surrounded by vegetation and moss.


Echternach is another charming town to see in Luxembourg . Its alleys lined with medieval buildings witness many festivals throughout the year. In May and June there is an international festival of classical music, while September is the month of jazz. Throughout the summer there are markets. In addition, Echternach has a Benedictine abbey from the 7th century with great religious importance. There is the tomb of Saint Willibrord, which attracts many pilgrims. On the outskirts of the city there is a perfect lake to spend a fun day surrounded by nature.

Clervaux Castle, one of the most beautiful to see in Luxembourg

In the north of the country there is a peculiar castle due to its immaculate white color compared to the stone tones of most castles. A lot of restoration work was done in Clervaux after the castle was badly damaged during the Second World War. You can take a guided tour not only of the castle, but also to discover the village of Clervaux, its abbey and its church. There is no shortage of historical monuments to see in Luxembourg .

Beaufort Castle

We continue with more castles to see in Luxembourg! In the Müllerthal area you will find Beaufort Castle. It differs from the previous ones in that it is not so restored . This way you can get a clearer idea of what a 12th century building really looks like . It is surrounded by a beautiful environment to walk around.

Larochette, one of the most charming towns to see in Luxembourg

This town is located in a valley surrounded by forests . Its streets will make you go back in time, do not miss the beautiful medieval square. And you could not miss a castle watching over the town. Without a doubt, Larochette is a very picturesque place to see in Luxembourg .

Place d’Armes

Returning to the historic center of the capital, the Place d’Armes is the main meeting place. Many bars and restaurants are concentrated there , which set up their terraces in the square during the summer. If you visit Luxembourg during the month of December you will be lucky enough to discover the Christmas market that is set up in Place d’Armes.

Church of Saint Michael

Traveling to Luxembourg is equivalent to going back in time visiting many of its attractions. The oldest religious building in the capital is the church of San Miguel. It was built in the year 987, although it has been destroyed several times. Its current appearance is a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements.

Bourscheid Castle

Another historical monument to see in Luxembourg is Bourscheid Castle. It is located in a privileged place, at the confluence of two rivers. The construction is from the year 1000 approximately and you can visit the interior with an audio guide in Spanish to learn about its long history. We recommend you stay until sunset to see how it lights up, it’s very beautiful.

Tour the Valley of the Seven Castles

Did you think there were no more castles to see in Luxembourg? If you like them as much as we do, you can visit the Valley of the Seven Castles. This is how the Guttland region , north of the capital, is known. In just 24 kilometers you can see 7 castles in the towns of Asembourg, Mersch, Schoenfels, Koerich, Hollenfels and Septfontaines . Ideal for a well-rounded excursion that will take you back to medieval times.

Monument of Remembrance, something emotional to see in Luxembourg

To end our list of things to see in Luxembourg , we return to the capital to find a very moving monument. The Monument of Remembrance is a marble obelisk dedicated to all Luxembourgers who lost their lives during the First World War .

Location Of Places To See In Luxembourg

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