Where to eat in London

Choosing where to eat in London is not easy, and not precisely because of the belief that exists that “in England you eat very badly”, but it is exactly the opposite. In London you can find some of the best restaurants in the world among the most popular types of cuisine.

We consider that London is a paradise for those who enjoy trying new dishes, due to the wide variety of restaurants that we can find. London offers an endless list of options. If you are willing to try, you will have no problem finding Indian, Turkish, Lebanese, Asian, British, French, Italian restaurants and many more.

In London there are restaurants from all corners of the world, and there are areas where you could try food from more than 30 different countries without walking more than 30 minutes. To begin with, when you are not used to trying new food, the truth is that it is a bit difficult to take the step, but when you begin to discover typical and not so typical dishes from other countries and you realize that you have so much variety of restaurants and so many options in London, for those of us who enjoy eating well, eating in London is undoubtedly amazing.

What will you find in this article?

In London you can eat very well or very badly, spend very little or a lot (but a lot!) money, eat in ultra modern restaurant halls with views of the London skyline or in vintage restaurants in a basement where you hardly see anything , you can eat the richest dish you have ever tasted from a stall in the middle of the street for a few pounds, or you can immerse yourself in the world of watching a live show while you eat or dine or let yourself be carried away by a unique experience and dine on board a boat while you take a cruise on the Thames… Or if you dare, eat in a restaurant in the dark or go up in a temporary restaurant that from time to time they mount on a crane…

So definitely, eating in London can be a unique experience, and in any case, the biggest problem we have is that we can’t try all the places there are!

Eating in London at fast food restaurants

One of the most popular options for tourists to eat in London are fast food restaurants. Either to eat something cheap, because sometimes when we travel the budget we have does not reach us to eat and dine in restaurants every day, or simply because we want to make the most of our time to visit the city. Of course in London there are fast food restaurants that are known all over the world, such as McDonalds and KFC , but if you come to London I think it’s a mistake to go to those places as there are so many different fast food places in London which I recommend trying.

Chain Restaurants

In London there are many chain restaurants that are visited by both Londoners and tourists, and best of all, most of them usually have affordable prices or menus of the day and since there are so many scattered throughout the key areas of London, you will never stay without a place to eat. If you feel like eating in an Italian restaurant, you can look for the chain restaurants Bella Italia , Strada , Ask or Prezzo.

If you want to eat some delicious noodles instead, head to a Wagamamas . If you feel like a good hamburger, stop by a Byron’s , where you will find quality hamburgers that are also super well priced. I also have to mention the restaurant chain Nando’s , where you can eat chicken, chicken and more chicken with different levels of spice and with different sides and which is also super cheap.

Typical British Pubs

If you are going to be in London, one day you have to eat in a typical English pub and eat one of the traditional British dishes. Many people think that pubs are just for drinking, but the reality is that British pub food is a classic that unfortunately is not talked about much. I can assure you that it is worth it. Try a typical Sunday Roast , a meat pie or sausages with mashed potatoes in the right place (not all are good) and you will be surprised.

Food markets

Another classic of London traditions are the famous food markets. For years this has been one of London’s biggest draws, both for tourists and locals who work in the city and eat out during their working day. In the food markets we find fresh food, freshly made, and from different countries. A great way to try new food and super cheap.
Flea markets in London

Afternoon Tea

The well-known afternoon tea can be served for lunch, since it is usually served from 12 noon and the full afternoon tea includes a selection of sandwiches as well as different sweets, so it is another option to try something typical British.

British Restaurants

In addition to the traditional British pubs where they serve food, in London we can find gastropubs. A Gastropub is a modern version of a pub that is characterized by serving very good quality food in a more modern and traditional environment. We can also find spectacular British restaurants where traditional British food is served at another level, such as the famous Rules or Brown’s restaurants.

Special Restaurants

If what you are looking for is to book a special restaurant, then I recommend you take a look at our list of restaurants in London with a view or our list of romantic restaurants in London . Another option that you might like to consider is to have dinner while you take a cruise on the Thames , without a doubt an unforgettable dinner for a special occasion.

I also have to mention the famous Hard Rock Café , located near Hyde Park Corner in London.

Eating out in London with kids

There are a number of restaurants that we recommend to eat with children in London, in which children will surely have a great time, there are also typical British pubs where you can go as a family, and there are also some restaurants where children eat for free in London… Do you want to know more? Take a look at our section:

Our favorite restaurants in London

The truth is that after so many years living here, we have a very long list of favorite restaurants and I can’t name them all, but I can leave you a list so you can take them into account if you want.

  • Sarastro : Whenever someone comes to visit us, we try to take them to Sarastro, as it is an unforgettable experience.
  • Poule au pot and Maggie Jones : Two unique restaurants, for their decoration and for their food.
  • Spaniard’s Inn : Historic pub located in Hampstead .
  • Ping Pong : Dim Sum and cocktails.
  • Dicken´s Inn : Historic pub in St Katharine´s Dock .
  • George Inn : Historic pub next to Borough Market .
  • Pho : Vietnamese, healthy food that is finger licking good!
  • Bill’s : Chain of British restaurants that I recommend, there is one in Soho.

Where to eat in London: Food Courts

Although London is full of restaurants, there are some areas that stand out for having a wide selection of restaurants. The areas we recommend to eat in central London are:

  • Southbank (south of the River Thames)
  • covent garden
  • Soho, including the Carnaby area
  • Victory
  • Notting Hill
  • Between the Goodge Street and Warren Street tube stations there are numerous typical pubs where they offer typical food…

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