Where to eat in London with children

Where to eat in London with children is one of the many questions we ask ourselves when we plan a visit to the British capital with the little ones.

Well, we have good news, in London there are many restaurants, whether chain, fast food or independent that offer special menus for children and have high chairs for babies. But there are also some restaurants that are uniquely and exclusively designed to go with children, which undoubtedly offer an unforgettable experience to the smallest of the family.

What will you find in this article?

Theme restaurants to eat in London with children

Rainforest Cafe

How would you like to eat in the middle of the jungle, in a room full of beautiful butterflies, among gorillas or under a blanket of stars? This fantastic restaurant set in the tropical forest will not be easy to forget, neither for children nor for the not so children! Simulations of storms, with lightning and thunder will make you believe that it is really going to rain… Highly recommended if you go with children (or if you want to surprise someone!) Of course, it is essential to book!

It is the most famous themed family restaurant in London, and the truth is that children love it. In our opinion, it’s quite expensive, and the quality of the food has never been the best, but I still think it’s a cool experience. I recommend walking through the different areas of the restaurant, since there are different rooms, and not to be put at a table on the ground floor at all since there is almost nothing there… It is located next to Piccadilly Circus, in the very center! We would recommend booking.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

American restaurant based on the movie Forrest Gump. The great protagonists of this restaurant are the shrimp, and you can find them on the menu in 20 different ways. On the menu we also find meat, fish, sandwiches, salads and hamburgers… so you will most likely have a hard time deciding what to choose!

The children’s menu is also quite varied, with hamburger, fish and chips, mac and cheese (macaroni and cheese) as well as juices and ice cream for dessert. And best of all, the children’s menu includes a gift.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is located between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

English restaurants to eat in London with children


Bill’s is one of our favorite restaurants, he started a restaurant in London and due to the great success they have had, more restaurants have been appearing little by little throughout London. In particular, we really like the one located in London’s Soho, for its decoration.

You’ll find something for everyone at Bill’s – from burgers to traditional fish and chips, and for kids there’s a kids’ menu that includes macaroni and cheese, burger, sausage and mash, fish sticks with chips… and as an extra you can choose some baked beans, the famous beans with tomato that all English children eat!

Poppies Fish and Chips

If you want to try an authentic British fish and chips, I would recommend going to Poppie’s. Probably the most famous and authentic fish and chips in London, with smaller portions on the children’s menu.

There is one in Soho and one in Camden Town.

Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen is one of the restaurants of the famous British chef Gordon Ramsey. In central London, we find one next to St Paul’s Cathedral and one near Southwark tube station, and one on Liverpool Street. It has a very casual atmosphere with a children’s menu inspired by Tilly Ramsey’s (one of Gordon’s daughters) cookbook. For every adult who orders a main course from the a la carte menu, one child under 12 years old can eat free of charge from a children’s menu (main course and dessert). The menu has a bit of everything, with its star dish being the Beef Wellington.

Roast at Borough Market

The Borough Market in London is one of those places that you cannot miss, and the truth is that with the number of takeaway food stalls that you will find, you will not need to go to a restaurant to eat, but if you want to reserve a Bit special then I would recommend Roast.

The menu is British, and stands out for using products from the Borough market itself, and they also have a children’s menu. This is a large and very spacious restaurant overlooking the market. The restaurant still sometimes doesn’t have the family atmosphere that some of the other restaurants we’ve honestly mentioned can have, especially if you go with younger children, but I would still recommend it for the experience.

York and Albany

This is another restaurant run by British chef Gordon Ramsay, where you can have delicious fish and chips. The place is like a pub, next to Regent’s Park. Children under 12 years old eat free from a children’s menu as long as an adult consumes something from the menu.

Indian restaurants to eat in London with children


This is one of the best-known Indian restaurants in London, both for its decoration and its food. And best of all, it’s also one of London’s most famous family restaurant chains. Its restaurants are a very fun option for the whole family. The children’s menu offers smaller portions and fewer spices. The staff are also usually very good at advising on child-friendly dishes.

You can find several of these restaurants in London, but the most famous is the one located in Soho. To go to this restaurant I recommend booking in advance!

Masala Zone

Masala Zone is another chain of London Indian restaurants that are very family friendly. There are several in London, and they offer a simple style of Indian food with regional food from around the country. From regional curries to lightly seasoned grilled meats.

The children’s menu includes thalis and food without spices. It costs £6.00 for children under 7 years old. They usually give a coloring book and crayons so that the little ones are entertained, and they usually have high chairs as well as bathrooms with diaper changing tables and wide access for strollers.

Asian restaurants to eat in London with children

Table tennis

This, in addition to being one of our favorite chain restaurants in London, is also one of our favorites to go with children for lunch. They have a special menu for children, and high chairs for babies, and they usually give out crayons and a drawing to color. I would recommend going to the one on the Southbank (near the London Eye) or the one on St. Katharine’s Dock .


It is the perfect place to taste a variety of Asian food. The food is very good, serving Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes, but it’s the setting that older children and teenagers in particular will love. The tables are interactive, with screens to order food, play games and where you can watch the chefs prepare the food.

There is no special children’s menu, but there are plenty of sharing dishes for the whole family to enjoy.


If you are going to visit London you cannot miss Chinatown , where this restaurant is located. During the weekend there is a dim sum menu which I would recommend trying. There is no children’s menu, but there are many delicious things that children can eat on the menu, such as the three delights rice or the different varieties of chicken.

Italian restaurants to eat in London with children

In the center of London you will find hundreds of Italian restaurants, many chain, and others independent. Chain Italian restaurants abound in London, and all are frequently visited by families. Here you will find the typical, pizza and pasta with tastes for everyone. It’s rare for an Italian chain restaurant that doesn’t have a children’s menu, so honestly you’ll be right with anyone.


One of our favorite Italian chain restaurants in London, a sure hit. They have a children’s menu that includes some dough balls to start (hot rolls), a pizza or pasta dish, dessert and bambinocinno (little glass of milk). They usually give colored crayons and the menu has activities for children.

Beautiful Italy

Another very famous chain Italian restaurant throughout the United Kingdom, you will come across several walking around London. They also have a children’s menu, with the option of choosing a small portion for the little ones, or a larger portion for older children. Includes starter, pizza or pasta, and dessert.

Pizza Pilgrims

One of the best known pizzerias in London, perfect if you want to have a quick snack while visiting London. There is no children’s menu, but it is a matter of ordering pizza for everyone!


An Italian restaurant that I would recommend trying, as it is one of our favourites. Although they do not have a children’s menu, they do have pizzetas on the menu, which are tiny pizzas that are perfect for children!

Other recommended restaurants to eat in London with children

Almost all the chain restaurants that you can find in London offer a children’s menu for the little ones in the family. Some of the recommended ones to go with children who get caught in the center are:


Wahaka has become one of the most famous Mexican restaurant chains in the UK. Its restaurants are very colorful and vibrant, offering a wide variety of food, both spicy and not. The children’s menu includes tacos, rice and quesadillas with different options.

crazy mexican

Mexican restaurant well known by Londoners, but it’s not really very central and it’s still not a hit if you’re visiting London. We thought it deserved to be on this list for its fantastic decoration and its children’s menu.


Very cool American restaurant in Covent Garden, with very good food. Yes, it is usually full, so to eat we would recommend going early or making a reservation. They have a children’s menu that includes a hamburger, macaroni and cheese… as well as something to accompany and dessert.

Coffee Rouge

French restaurant, there are several in London. They have a very rich children’s menu, and they usually give a pack of activities to the little ones.

my old dutch

There are three locations in London and it is a restaurant that only serves savory and sweet pancakes. Something that children will surely like!!! Location: In Holborn there is one, next to the British Museum.


Very colorful decoration, very varied menu and with a children’s menu. There is one in Victoria, in Marylebone and in Southbank Center among others.

Typical English pubs to eat with children

Eating in a typical British pub is one of the experiences that you should consider if you are going to be in London for a few days, and best of all, there are some pubs where eating with children is possible. Normally at the entrance there is a sign that says something like ” Family Pub ” or ” families welcome!” If you don’t see anything that says something similar, you can always ask the waiters before entering. In pubs that do not serve food (drinking only) they do not usually allow minors to enter, but in pubs that do serve food it is rare that children are not allowed in.

Some family friendly pubs will have a children’s menu, but in some, although they accept children, they will not have a special menu but they usually prepare a smaller special dish for the little ones without problems.

The George Inn

One of our favorite historic pubs, located on London Bridge is Family Friendly. The children’s menu includes chicken nuggets, fish fingers, sausages and mashed potatoes, hamburger, pizza…

The Dickens Inn

Another place that we usually recommend is the Dickens Inn, a tavern with history where it is also ideal to eat with children.

Windsor Castle

In Kensington, traditional British pub, with authentic dishes and a children’s menu.

In Marylebone.

The North Pole

It offers the typical Sunday Roast on Sundays with an option for children, in which they also give away an ice cream! Near Baker Street.

Greenwich Park and Grill

In Greenwich. From its first floor there are beautiful views.


in camden. Offers a room for families on weekends.


In Richmond.

Museum Restaurants

As a detail I have to mention that museum restaurants are usually very familiar. The restaurant at the Natural History Museum is one of my favourites, as well as being super colorful they have a lot of high chairs and a children’s menu.

The science museum or the transport museum are also good places to eat in London with children.

Where to eat for free with kids in London

In addition to all these restaurants that we recommend to eat in London with children, there are several restaurants in London where children can eat for free as long as they are accompanied by an adult who orders food from the menu.

More useful information about visiting London with children

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