Best Restaurants in Paris

In this section you will find a list of restaurants to eat in Paris to enjoy a beautiful evening in the city of light.

Paris Restaurant Guide

A predilection of many tourists is good food, especially knowing what is eaten in the places they visit. If you are a gourmet, and you want to know where to eat in Paris to improve your tourist experience, in this article we are going to propose a list of restaurants in Paris where you can taste Parisian cuisine .

We have made the list of restaurants where to eat in Paris, sorting them by categories . You will find cheap restaurants where you can enjoy a splendid crêp, pastry shops where you can find a fabulous croissant and traditional restaurants where you will be welcomed as if you were family. In the mid-priced restaurants you will find traditional restaurants with a higher price , due to their location, and also medieval taverns that offer a different experience. We have reserved a section for luxury restaurants , where you can have a special evening romantic with your partner. These luxury restaurants stand out for their location, from restaurants on the heights to restaurants in emblematic places. Some of the luxury restaurants are dining experiences by celebrity chefs .

Among the restaurants where you can eat in Paris you will find a variety of options that you can adapt to your tastes, needs and budget. You should keep in mind that restaurants in Paris tend to have a reputation for being expensive , due to their famous gastronomy and delicatessen cuisine. If you are a traveler who likes to save, in our section how to save money you will find different ideas to save money on meals. Of course, you can always allocate a meal of the trip to try a gastronomic experience and eat in a restaurant in Paris.

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Where to eat cheap in Paris?

Marche Ou crêpe

One of the cheap restaurants in Paris par excellence. Marche Ou Crêpe is located at Rue des Haies 18. In this place you will find all kinds of Crêpes, savory and sweet , and you can fill them to your liking by choosing from a wide assortment of ingredients. This restaurant is a place to eat in Paris that you cannot miss.

Boutique Mavrommatis Censier

Mavrommatis has shops where you can buy prepared food and also restaurants. The restaurants have medium-high priced menus, not counting drinks. Mavrommatis stores have a wide assortment of food where you can try typical Parisian food at an affordable price. In this link you will find the prices, as well as the different shops in Paris.

The Petite Rose Des Sables

If you like to experiment, and discover corners where you can feel at home, La Petite Rose des Sables is ideal. This restaurant located at Rue de Lancry 6, offers traditional and homemade food and they will also make you feel part of the family . The dishes are decorated in a simple and cute way, also the atmosphere and the music are curious. This restaurant in Paris has menus at very good prices that, together with the atmosphere and the people who run it, will complement an unforgettable visit to Paris.

PARIS Follies

This restaurant is located at Avenue Klever 74, near the Trocadero subway. They serve traditional and homemade food , at a fairly cheap price for Paris, considering the area in which it is located.


The Mersea restaurant is located at Rue du Faubourg Montmartre 6, near the Louvre. The place is focused and dedicated entirely to fish , in addition they also have traditional beer with which to accompany the delicious dishes. Mersea makes you discover fish in a gourmet style and accessible to all pockets .

Du Pain Et Des Idées

This bakery is a must stop if you want to try the famous Croissants . In addition to a wide variety of sweets, they also sell different types of bread, all of which are very good, with which you can make a wonderful sandwich for a picnic at night. The Du Pain et des Idées bakery is located at Rue Yves Toudic, 34.

Le Polidor

This restaurant is located at Rue Monsieur le prince 41. It has menus that are around €22-35, as well as a varied assortment of à la carte dishes. The wine list is varied, in it you will find wines of different prices and shades. Le Polidor restaurant is a place to eat in Paris that will bring you closer to traditional food .

Best Areas To Stay In Paris

Lets do a brake ! Did you know that sleeping well can have a big impact on your travel experience ? Paris is a huge city, and with a wide range of accommodation, so it is very important to choose accommodation correctly . For this reason, we have created a guide (also very complete) of the best areas to stay with some recommended hotels. Check it out now or later. What difference does it make? But always before booking !

Good Mid /Affordable Priced Restaurants

La Criee

If you like seafood, and sea products, the restaurant La Criée has several restaurants throughout France and also in Paris. These restaurants are specialized in fresh fish , at an acceptable price. The menus vary between 22 and 35€.


This restaurant is one of the oldest brasseries in Paris . Located on rue de la Bastille 5, this brasserie offers traditional dishes in a historic setting. The daily menus are around €26 to €32, on holidays you should ask for a menu where a meat dish is around €22.

Wine Therapy

If you are a wine enthusiast, in this wine cellar wine is the main protagonist. The food they offer is an accompaniment to the different types of wine they have in their cellar. Its friendly owner brings you closer to the special world of wine, so you can learn to taste a good bottle. A very charming place located at Rue de Montholon 35, near the Basilica of the Sacred Heart .

Le Vent D Armor

This small restaurant, located at Quai de la Tournelle 25, is a cozy place to eat in Paris. The local food is focused on seafood and fish , with a sophisticated touch typical of the Parisian city. The restaurant, being small, recommends making a reservation before going.


The Cappiello restaurant is located at Rue Letellier 59. They have an affordable menu during the week and another, higher priced, for the weekend. In addition to the weekly menus, it also has a gastronomic menu.

Brasserie Lipp

The Brasserie Lipp is located at Boulevard Saint Germain 151. This place has been open for more than 137 years , where you will find a traditional and historical atmosphere, a place that preserves the charm and French style of the beginning of the last century.

L Atelier Maître Albert

The Atelier Maître Albert restaurant is located at Rue Maitre Albert 1. Its elegant and sophisticated decoration adds to the gastronomic experience . Located near Notre-Dame , this restaurant is a place to eat in Paris after a long day of visiting the city.

Nos Ancêtres Les Gaulois

If you are looking for a place with a traditional and family atmosphere , Nos Ancêtres les Gaulois is a recommended restaurant to go with the family. The restaurant has a menu of salads, sausages and grills, as well as a medieval decoration and atmosphere . This local, the local, near the island of Saint-Louis, is a classic of Paris.

Le Procope

This famous Paris cafe-restaurant is located at Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie 13. The place is known to have been frequented by famous people in history such as Voltaire. Le Procope’s restaurant offers traditional bourgeois cuisine , where house specialties also stand out.

The Best Restaurants in Paris

Restaurant Du Palais-Royal

This elegant Paris restaurant is located at Galerie de Valois 110, in the gardens of the Royal Palace . It has an exquisite and cozy decoration, in an intimate and quiet atmosphere . The gourmet food, together with the atmosphere, make an evening at this restaurant very special.

Altitude 58

If you want to take a romantic dinner to a higher level, dining on the heights of the Eiffel Tower can make your dinner a meal to remember. The altitude 58 restaurant offers elegant food with a view of the city of Paris typical of special evenings.

The Tour D Argent

A special restaurant to go as a couple in Paris can be La Tour d’Argent. This restaurant is located at Quai de la Tournelle 15, and both the decoration and the views add a special bonus to the evening.

Le Divellec

If you are looking for an elegant restaurant dedicated to seafood , this can be a good option. Le Divellec restaurant is located on the esplanade Des Invalides, specifically on rue Fabert, 18.

Le Ciel In Paris

The Le Ciel de Paris restaurant is located at avenue du Maine 33, on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower . If you choose the Ecran menu, the reservation table will be the one closest to the windows, with views of Paris and the Eiffel Tower .

Grand Vefour

The Grand Véfour restaurant is in an excellent location, Rue de Beaujolais 17, in the Palais Royal. This experience combines an environment full of history and art, together with a luxury gastronomic experience proposed by chef Guy Martin .

Pierre Gagnaire

The Pierre Gagnaire restaurant is run by the chef himself. Located at Rue Balzac 6, the restaurant offers its own menu for a gastronomic experience.

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