Where to leave luggage in London

Where to leave luggage in London is something that you will sometimes consider when planning a trip to London to make the most of your time without having to drag several packages.

Either because on the day of arrival you arrive very early and cannot check-in at the hotel until several hours later, or on the last day you have to leave the hotel in the morning and the flight does not leave until late… And those hours are really much better spent without dragging suitcases, especially if you are going to go by public transport from one place to another, the last thing you want is to walk around with your suitcases in London!

That’s why, after several people asked me where you can safely leave luggage in London, I’ll tell you here how and where you can leave your luggage.

What will you find in this article?

Where to leave luggage in London

Usually most hotels store bags at reception or in a room if you ask. Hotels in big cities are used to this situation, so if the location of the hotel suits you to move easily, I would first consider this option. Some hotels will do this for free and others will charge you a small amount to store your luggage.

In London train or underground stations there are no longer lockers where you can leave your luggage, now it is necessary to leave your luggage in a left luggage office or in a self-storage.

Left luggage services throughout London: Luggage Hero

One of the leading companies specializing in luggage storage in London is Luggage Hero . Its main advantage is that it has a large number of lockers distributed throughout the most important areas of London, so you will always have one close to where you are going to be.

It works in a very simple way:

  • Visit their website at Luggagehero.com
  • Use the interactive map to select the London area or address where you will need the left-luggage service and you will get a list of available locations.
  • Once there, you make the reservation by making your payment online safely (you will never have to pay anything in cash when you leave your bags).
  • And that’s it, you’ll get an email with all the information, print it out and take it with you when you drop off your bags.

Also, another plus is that most of their central London locations are open 24/7 so you won’t have any issues with timings etc. The price is usually about 6 Pounds per bag per day and in addition.


If when booking your luggage storage service in London with Luggage Hero you enter our discount code QVERHERO using this link, they will give you 2 hours of free service.

Left Luggage offices in London

The left luggage service is basically a locker where they keep luggage and where they store lost luggage from the station, and it really is the best option for leaving luggage in London.

The biggest drawback of this service is that it is more expensive than using the old lockers to store luggage for short periods, so I would recommend asking the hotel first, as I have explained before.

» Victoria Coach Station

The cheapest place to leave bags for short periods is Victoria Coach Station, located about 8-10 minutes walk from Victoria Train and Underground Station. It is not necessary to have a bus ticket to leave luggage there. The left luggage office is located in front of Gate 6, inside the bus station.


  • Up to 2 hours: £3 per piece (any weight)
  • 2-24 hours: £5 per piece (under 20kg) or £7 per piece (over 20kg)
  • Plus £4 or £6 per day extra depending on weight.

Address: Victoria Coach Station, 164 Buckingham Palace Rd, London SW1W 9TP.

Hours: 7 a.m.–10:45 p.m.

” Train Stations

The left-baggage.co.uk company handles the left luggage service at various central London train stations.


  • £6 per piece for 0–3 hours
  • £12.50 per package for 3–24 hours
  • Plus £7.50 per item for each additional 24 hours


  • Victoria station: 7am–midnight
  • Charing Cross station: 7am–11pm
  • Kings Cross station: 7am–11pm
  • Euston station: 7am–11pm
  • St Pancras station: Mon – Sat 6am–10pm, Sun 7am–10pm
  • Paddington Station: 7am–11pm
  • Waterloo station: 7am–11pm
  • Liverpool St station: 7am–11pm

Cloakrooms in Shopping Centers

Both Westfield shopping centers offer cloakroom service where it is possible to leave luggage.

» Westfield London

Westfield London Shopping Center in Shepherd’s Bush has a luggage storage office in the Middle Car Park, near the Waitrose supermarket entrance. Web: uk.westfield.com/london


  • £3 to leave a coat
  • £5 a small bag/purse
  • £8 a bag
  • It is necessary to pick up things before the mall closes on the same day.

» Westfield Stratford City

Cloakroom service at Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center is located on the ground floor between Costa Coffee and Carphone Warehouse. Web: uk.westfield.com/stratfordcity


  • Up to 4 hours: £5 per piece
  • Up to 24 hours: £10 per piece

Cloakrooms of Museums and Galleries

Most London museums and galleries offer a cloakroom service or lockers.

Depending on the museum or gallery, they charge by time or size, although I must say that they do not usually accept large suitcases. It is best to consult the web pages of each of the museums where it will be detailed.

Self-storage: Warehouses for long periods

If what you need is to leave your suitcases or some boxes for several days, weeks or months, it is much cheaper to use a self-storage service than a left luggage office . This is very useful to know if you live in London and are moving house and need to store some things for a few days, weeks or even months. For example, it can be useful if you return to Spain for a while but do not want to pay rent for a house or a room to store your things.

The price usually depends on the space you need.

The closest to central London are from the companies Safestore , and Big Yellow Safe Storage .

I have to mention that in front of King’s Cross station there is a self storage place that can be used for days. These lockers can fit up to 5 suitcases. They usually charge £8.50 per bag per day

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