Shopping in Paris

Paris Shopping Guide

Shopping in Paris

For many years, Paris has been known as the capital of fashion , good dress and elegance . Many of the big catwalks take place here and there are many designers who dream of showing their signatures before thousands of expectant eyes. It is for this reason that in Paris you will find many places to go shopping, from flea markets to the most sophisticated boutiques . In short, Paris offers a wide range of places to go shopping and is currently one of the top places in Europe.

A good day of shopping in Paris is not complete without showing off your purchases in one of the most emblematic cafes in the city of light. Knowing where to shop in Paris is crucial to finding your style and the look you want to show off during your vacation. Not only that, shopping in Paris also means finding souvenirs and beautiful souvenirs with which to surprise your relatives. Going shopping in Paris will not only make you visit the city with glamour, these clothes and accessories can be a nice memory of your vacation to wear on a daily basis.

In this section we are going to suggest different places to go shopping in Paris . In the city of fashion you can find everything from markets, prêt a porter stores and jewelry stores, to large shopping centers and places where you can find precious souvenirs and handicrafts .

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Streets and shopping areas of Paris

Avenue of the champs elysées

One of the shopping areas in Paris, which is also the most recognized worldwide, is the Champs-Elysées avenue . On this street you will find everything from prestigious firms such as Louis Vuitton to stores such as Zara, HM and Yves Rocher . In addition to clothing, on this street you will find everything from souvenirs to books and appliances .

Rue Royale

If you are a fan of shopping for prestigious brands like Gucci or Chanel , you will find stores of these brands on Rue Royale . Rue Saint-Honoré crosses rue Royale and you’ll also find more well-known brand stores like Prada on it. Another street where you can buy luxury items in Paris is Avenue Montaigne . In this street you will find all the high standing firms where a good fashion lover will be able to find the ideal outfit for him. All these streets start at the great avenue of the Champs Elysées , for this reason this avenue is known worldwide for the shopping street.

Rue De Rivoli

One of the places to find the best souvenir shops in Paris is on Rue de Rivoli . In this street you can find everything from souvenirs to clothing stores like Mango or Forever 21. Rue Rivoli can be found near the Louvre museum .

Boulevard Haussmann

Another interesting place to go shopping in Paris is the Boulevard Haussmann , located in the VIII and IX districts. In this street you will find many shops and, in addition, the department stores of the city.

Best Shopping Malls In Paris

Galeries Lafayette

In this gigantic shopping center in Paris you can buy clothes and lingerie from the most important stores in France. In Galeries Lafayette you will find all the prestigious fashion firms , as well as decoration items under the glass dome. During Christmas the galleries dress up and it is worth strolling even if you do not intend to buy.

Bazaar Of The Hotel De Ville

Known as the BHV , this quaint shopping arcade is famous for its DIY department. In addition to this extensive section you will find a fashion area, cuisine, souvenirs and books.

Forum Des Halles

The Forum des Halles is a multi -storey underground shopping mall . In it you will find almost everything, from fashion to large bookstores. The shopping center is close to Montmartre and the Chatelet metro station. The place shows an architecture that combines the old with the modern.


Another of the shopping malls in Paris with luxury goods is Printemps. In this shopping center you will find stores of famous firms and shop windows made with great taste.

Louvre Carousel

This small shopping center is located below the Louvre museum . In it you will find a variety of shops and cafes, as well as an entrance to the museum. The center’s decoration includes the inverted Louvre pyramid.

The 4 Temps

The Les 4 Temps shopping center is for many the best shopping center in Paris. It is located in the La Défense district and has so many shops of all kinds that you can spend an entire afternoon there without getting bored.

Outlets Where To Go Shopping In Paris

You may like designer labels and name brand clothing, but your budget is a bit tight. If you are one of these travelers, in Paris you will also find outlet stores . Stores with brand-name clothing at discounted prices are referred to as “stock boutiques” and one of the largest is located on the outskirts , right near the Disney park and the Palace of Versailles . The shopping center for brands at outlet prices is called La Vallée Villageand here you will find everything from accessories to dresses and suits at discounted prices. The shopping center also includes rest areas, cafeterias and restaurants, as well as two recreation areas for the little ones in the house.

An outlet in the center of Paris or “Stock Boutique” where you can find discounted items is at the La Piscine store , located at Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie 21. If you are looking to find outlets in the center of Paris , these stores are marked with the name of Stock Boutiques. In the Montparnasse neighborhood you will find the La Clef des Marques outlet store , a place where you can go shopping at discounted prices and stroll through the neighborhood to see a play or visit an art gallery.

If you are a traveler in love with traditional markets , then in Paris you will feel very comfortable. There you can enjoy beautiful walks in some fascinating markets such as the Marché aux Puces or the Marché Bastille.

As you can see, shopping in Paris covers many neighborhoods, areas and shopping centers where you can enjoy a long day shopping and looking for all kinds of items.

Buy Crafts And Antiques In Paris

If you are one of those travelers looking to buy handicrafts in Paris , a good area to find them is in Viaduc des Arts . This place is located under some arches that formerly supported a railway line built in 1859, it currently houses a space dedicated to crafts . In the Viaduc de les arts glass, fabric and wood are worked, among many other materials . In this place you will find spaces where you can buy unique pieces , made by the meticulous work of an artist.

Another place to buy handicrafts in Paris is in La Tuile à Loup , in this store, located in the heart of old Paris, you will find a selection of various handicrafts made in different regions of France .

If you are looking to buy antiques in Paris, La Village Saint Paul in the Le Marais district is home to various local furniture, art objects, antiques, decoration and handicraft shops . In Village Suisse you can buy luxury antiques and unique objects, this place is located in some old Swiss pavilions of the Universal Exhibition of 1900.

In the Montmartre neighborhood you will find a large number of shops with curious souvenirs , as well as antiques, crafts and boutiques with a unique vintage style. If you are looking for curious objects and unique gifts, in the Montmartre neighborhood you will be able to find something that suits your taste.

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