Where to stay in Abu Dhabi: best areas and hotels

Staying in Abu Dhabi is not expensive. The capital of the United Arab Emirates offers accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Abu Dhabi is the center of political and commercial activity in the country, generating more than 15% of the national GDP. Although it is sometimes overshadowed by Dubai , it has nothing to envy. Not so little its hotels! In Abu Dhabi you can sleep in incredible hotels like the Yas Viceroy or in the majestic Emirates Palace . In this post we tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Abu Dhabi . We also leave you 25 things to do in Abu Dhabi for you to enjoy.

Where To Stay In Abu Dhabi: Best Areas And Hotels

City center, the cheapest option to stay in Abu Dhabi

The spectacular Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi
The spectacular Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

If what you are looking for is the best price, in the center of Abu Dhabi you will find the best deals . Although it may not seem like it, the city is huge. On the map it seems that the attractions fall relatively close, but the distances are considerable. It is not a city that invites you to discover it on foot . Like most Asian capitals, they are cities designed for cars and little for pedestrians. Sleeping in the center will bring you enough comfort. Although the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque falls away, you will be close to the Corniche and other tourist spots. If you want to tour the country or get to know the most attractive points of the emirate, we advise you to rent a car . Gasoline is cheap and car rental too. Regarding the price, as we have said, staying in Abu Dhabi is not expensive . In the city center you will find good hotels from €55 per night. The cheapest are in the area near the Abu Dhabi Mall. Most are very similar: great customer service, large rooms and relatively new. Without a doubt, the most comfortable area to stay in Abu Dhabi.

Best hotels in downtown Abu Dhabi:

  • Southern Sun Hotel Abu Dhabi
  • Courtyard by Marriott World Trade Center
  • Hala Arjan by Rotana Deluxe Hotel & Apartments

Yas Island, an essential area to stay in Abu Dhabi

The Yas Viceroy seen from Yas Marina
The Yas Viceroy seen from Yas Marina

Although the city of Abu Dhabi is an island in itself, Yas is the best known in the city. It is an artificial island built by the Aldar Properties group with a budget of 40 billion euros . Famous for the world-renowned Yas Marina Circuit , it is home to many of Abu Dhabi’s attractions: Ferrari World , the fun Yas Waterworld or the interesting Yas Mall. You also cannot miss out on strolling through the glamorous Yas Marina and marvel at one of its yachts.

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Although it has some of the most exclusive hotels in the city, there are also cheap ones. There is also a free shuttle service ( Yas Express ) that connects the most interesting points of the island. To give you an idea of the price, although most of them exceed €100, if you look in advance you can find good offers for €60. It is an essential area to stay in Abu Dhabi, at least one night. Hotels usually have free parking and it is quite complicated to go and return the same day by public transport. So sleeping at Yas is a great idea.

The top hotels in Yas Island:

  • yas viceroy
  • Yas Island Rotana Abu Dhabi
  • Park Inn by Radisson Blu Hotel

Al Khubeirah and Al Marina, one of the most exclusive areas

The luxurious Emirates Palace
The luxurious Emirates Palace

If you want luxury, apart from the Yas Viceroy you can also find great hotels in this area, one of the most exclusive places to stay in Abu Dhabi . Located northwest of the city, Al Khubeirah and Al Marina boast some of the most exclusive establishments in Abu Dhabi . Who has never heard of the majestic Emirates Palace? Well, it’s in this area.

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We advise you to stay here if you are interested in beach tourism . All hotels are within walking distance of the Corniche Beach, the most famous in the city. In addition, most of these hotels have very interesting beach clubs where you can have a drink and relax in a fantastic atmosphere. Of course, everything has a price. To stay in one of these hotels you will have to pay more than €200 per night. Anyway, if you are looking for a special stay, it is one of the most recommended areas to stay in Abu Dhabi.

Our recommendations in the area:

  • Emirates Palace Hotel
  • The St Regis Abu Dhabi
  • Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel

Al Maryah Island, an interesting option

And finally, another interesting area to stay in Abu Dhabi is Al Maryah Island. Although it is not a smart option considering the previous two, it is curious. Al Maryah is one of the most developing areas in the city. Its growth is spectacular: offices and several luxury residences will preside over this small island located northeast of the city.

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It currently has the famous Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi , one of the most recognized hospitals in the world. The hotel offer is very small. It only has two hotels, both luxury . So that you have a price reference, if you want to stay at Al Maryah you will have to pay more than €150 . Of course, you are going to enjoy a good hotel! So we think it’s a good alternative to stay in Abu Dhabi.

Good hotels in Al Maryah:

  • rosewood abu dhabi
  • Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island

Sleeping in Abu Dhabi as a couple without being married: is it possible?

If you travel as a couple without being married, theoretically you will not be able to sleep in the same room . The Tawajed clause of Islamic law forbids sharing closed spaces without marriage or family. Neither can you live together or share a car, for example. So it is important to know when choosing the hotel to stay in Abu Dhabi. In practice, no hotel will ask you for proof of marriage . They are totally flexible with tourists. It is simply convenient to be aware of this law to avoid uncomfortable situations. The normal thing is that they address you as husband and wife . Act as if you were and do not make public displays of affection. The cases of arrests for the violation of this clause have been few. Mostly for causing scandals in the hotel room.

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