Where to stay in Doha: best areas and hotels

Staying in Doha without spending much is easy. The capital of Qatar is growing a lot and tourism is one of its main reasons for growth. So you should have no reason to worry, since we are sure that you will find an accommodation that fits your budget. In Doha, luxury hotels predominate, although there are also more traditional and simple ones that are cheaper. In this post we tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Doha. We also leave you the best things to do in Doha in one day for you to enjoy.

Where To Stay In Doha: Best Areas And Hotels

Surroundings of the Doha Corniche, the best area to stay in Doha

The Doha Corniche
The Doha CornicheŚ

Doha is a city that has two very different parts: the traditional and the modern. Both are separated by the Bay of Doha. The Corniche is the avenue that borders the gulf and connects them and in its surroundings are some of the cheapest hotels in the city.

The closer you get to the traditional area, the cheaper the hotels will be. To give you a price reference, in this area you can find simple and good accommodation for €70 a night. Nevertheless,

Strolling along the Corniche at sunset is something that is priceless. As long as sandstorms don’t impede your visibility!

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The best hotels in the area near the Corniche:

  • Saraya Corniche Hotel
  • Movenpick Hotel Doha
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Doha Old Town

Souq Waqif, the most interesting area to stay in Doha

The Souq Waqif, one of the best areas to stay in Doha
The Souq Waqif, one of the best areas to stay in Doha

The Souq Waqif is the most popular souk in the city. It is one of the most atmospheric areas of Doha and without a doubt our favorite. Although the skyscrapers stand out, we believe that there is nothing better than walking through this souk to capture the essence of the Qatari capital.

In the souk there are quite a few hotels, most of them well priced. They are usually large, with many rooms and few luxuries. At the same time, it is very well located, right in the center of Doha and if the temperatures allow it, you can visit the essentials of the capital on foot. Without a doubt, our favorite area to stay in Doha. Basically because you will have the feeling of being in Qatar, while if you sleep in other areas, it could well be another country.

The best hotels in Souq Waqif:

  • Kingsgate Hotel Doha
  • Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels – Tivoli
  • Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli

West Bay, hotels with great value for money

West Bay seen from across the Corniche
West Bay seen from across the Corniche

And on the other side of the gulf is this area, particularly business. That is where the most famous skyscrapers of the city are located. It is good to observe the contrast: in the traditional area you can breathe much more atmosphere both during the day and at night.

However, if you are looking for a more luxurious hotel without breaking the bank, West Bay will be your option. As a tourist area in itself, we do not recommend it, since apart from the Corniche it has no other attraction. Most of them are located in the traditional area, so by location it is not the smartest area to stay in Doha.

Of course, if you are looking for a hotel where you can enjoy a private beach, its swimming pools and the warmth of Doha, staying in West Bay is a great option. Regarding the price, for €150 a night you can enjoy incredible hotels. If you are looking for cheap options, this is not your area.Good hotels in West Bay:

  • Sheraton Grand Hotel Doha
  • Hilton Doha
  • W Doha

The Pearl Qatar, the most exclusive area to sleep in Doha

Pearl Qatar from the plane
Pearl Qatar from the plane

In West Bay you can get an image of the modernity of Doha, but if you want to know the extravagance and wealth of the country, you will find it in The Pearl Qatar. It is an artificial archipelago. Yes, you read it right. The project is not about one island, but more than 13! There you will find the luxury of the country: from yachts to incredible residences.

As you can imagine, you will also find many hotels. Of course, if you want to sleep there, you will have to pay more than €200 per night. Without a doubt, it is the most exclusive area to stay in Doha. Although once a year, it does not hurt.

Best Lodging at The Pearl Qatar:

  • Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Doha
  • Hilton Doha The Pearl Residences

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Sleep at Doha Airport, perfect if you have a layover

Doha is a city that most tourists know thanks to the company Qatar Airways. This is responsible for connecting large European cities with Asian destinations at relatively cheap prices. However, many times the connections are long and it is time to spend the night in the country’s capital. If this is your case, sleeping near the airport is the best option.

Although the city is very close to the airport (only 10 minutes by taxi), if your layover is only at night, it is better to sleep in the hotel inside the airport (only for transit).

If you have time to get to know the city a little, there are several hotels near the airport that are great and, in most cases, will not cost you more than €100 per night.

Some hotels near Doha airport:

  • Rotana Oryx
  • Strato Hotel by Warwick

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